What to eat on Mekong Delta Tour full day?

Mekong Delta is often referred to as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam due its huge production of rice crop. Vegetables, exotic fruits and fishing also feature prominently here. Life in the delta revolves around the river, and as such this is the only real way to view and understand it. Would you like to be driven there and enjoy cruising on a hand-rowed sampan under the shadow of the water coconut trees along natural canals, then taste seasonal fruit honey tea to the sound of “Southern Vietnamese folk music”, performed by locals? Why not try our Private Mekong Delta Tour?

1. Fresh tropical fruits

Fresh Fruits In Mekong Delta

Considered as the kingdom of fruits, Mekong Delta is full of lush fruit orchards. Longan, jack fruit, watermelon, dragon fruit, pineapple… are grown popular there. It’s a big chance to visit orchards, listen to stories of the hosts, plug fruits yourself and taste fresh seasonal fruits which are beautiful, pretty delicious, juicy and smelling. Local people usually dip some fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, orange, pomelo, guava, green mango, ambarella fruit in mix of salt, ground chili and monosodium glutamate (optional). So that they can serve you fruits with a small plate of salt chili dip. That is one of highlights on Mekong Delta Tour full day.

2. Dried fruits, dried vegetables, candies and honey tea

Enjoying Honey Tea, Candies And Dried Fruits In Mekong Delta

In Mekong Delta culture, tea and sweets are not only foods and drinks but also hospitality, friendship, good neighbourship. When visitors come, they are served tea and sweets which make communication between hosts and visitors better. Most popular sweets in Mekong Delta are crispy dried banana, chewy and tender sugar-preserved ginger, peanut candy. Mekong Delta people love to put honey into tea to make it sweeter, tastier and healthier. There’s no better than eating dried fruits and candies while sipping some tea with honey on both hot and cold days.

3. Deep-fried elephant-ear fish

Deep Fried Elephant Ear Fish And Vietnamese Pancake In Mekong Delta

In coastal Nha Trang city and Phu Quoc island tourists are recommended to eat seafood dishes. In Mekong Delta where there are hundreds of rivers, channels, swamps and lakes, tourists shouldn’t miss flavorful dishes from freshwater fishes. One of the most favorite fish dishes of locals and visitors is Deep-fried elephant-ear fish which is very crispy outside, tender inside. The interesting thing is that the cook doesn’t remove fins and scales and they are the most crispy parts of the whole fish. Dinners usually wrap fish, rice noodles, vegetables and herbs in rice paper into a roll and eat with sweet and sour fish sauce dip. Tasting this food on Mekong Delta Tour full day, you will feel the freshness of all ingredients from fish to vegetables, herbs and rice noodles.

4. Vietnamese pancake

Vietnamese Pancake In Mekong Delta

Vietnamese pancake is a traditional Vietnamese crepe made from rice flour with fillings from meat/shrimp and vegetables, eaten with herbs and fish sauce dip. Vietnamese pancake’s recipes depend on local preferences and products. In Hue and some provinces in Central Vietnam, Vietnamese pancake is as small as human hand while in Mekong Delta, the cake is twice bigger with very thin and crispy edge. Mekong Delta cook fill the crepe with shrimp, pork belly, mushroom, bean sprouts and mung bean. To eat, just use salad or greens wrap a piece of crispy crepe, some fillings, herbs into a roll, then dip into sweet and sour fish sauce dip and tuck in. Dinners can add chili and pickles into the dip at their wishes. What an amazing dish that any foodie shouldn’t miss in beautiful and rich Mekong Delta.

5. Fresh coconut

Coconuts are everywhere in Mekong Delta, especially Ben Tre province with lines of coconut trees stretching until the horizon. Although coconuts are sold popularly in Ho Chi Minh City and other regions of the country, Mekong Delta may be the best place to enjoy coconuts which have just been plugged from the trees. So that you can feel coconuts’s original taste as well as freshness. Just have a local to drill a hole on the coconut so that you can drink sweet, cool and refreshing coconut water by a straw. You can also enjoy the greasy and tender coconut meat after drinking. A Mekong Delta trip couldn’t be complete if you don’t try fresh coconut. You will be try coconut water on our Mekong Delta Tour full day.

Drinking Coconut Water In Mekong Delta

Eating Coconut Meat In Mekong Delta

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