When to Wear Vietnamese Ao Dai?

Ao Dai (Vietnamese long dress) is the national dress of the Vietnamese people; it is for both men and women. However, when mentioning Ao Dai, people often think of women’s Ao Dai. Therefore, Ao Dai is also a symbol of Vietnamese women; it has both serious and gentle features. It is not only favored by domestic women but also by foreign women. In addition to learning about the style, material, color, and pattern of the Ao Dai, we need to learn about the suitable occasions to wear it today. When to Wear Vietnamese Ao Dai?

Wearing Ao Dai at Tet – Vietnamese New Year

Every Tet holiday, Vietnamese people remember traditional values such as banh chung, pot of stewed meat, watermelon, and pomelo. In addition, dressing well to celebrate Tet is also one of the traditional values for many generations. With its tenderness and charm, the Ao Dai is always chosen every tet holiday. The image of mothers and sisters leisurely moving in Ao Dai to relax in Spring, pagoda ceremony, and walking around is a beautiful and impressive image.

When to Wear Vietnamese Ao Dai? At Tet festival

Wearing Ao Dai on wedding day

Wedding is one of the most important events in human life, and also a typical cultural feature of Vietnam. In every country, traditional costumes are used at the wedding ceremony, and of course in Vietnam is no exception. Wedding dresses are usually bright colors with many meanings of luck. In addition to the bride, mothers, women often appear in Ao Dai at every wedding.

Ao Dai are uniforms of high school girls

Not only during holidays and weddings but also Ao Dais appear in daily life in the high schools in Vietnam. Teachers can wear any style and color they like, except for those that are revealing and colorful. Schoolgirls always wear discreet styles and white color. The white Ao Dai reminds each female student to know how to preserve words and actions in accordance with the gentle traditional culture of Vietnamese girls. The Ao Dais make the schools and streets become more beautiful and poetic.

Vietnamese high school girls in Ao Dai

Vietnamese high school girls in Ao Dai.

Wearing Ao Dai on opening days of companies

On the occasion of the company’s opening or product launch is also an ideal time for you to wear Ao Dai to attract all eyes. Wearing Ao Dai on these important days will help you make a good impression on your partners or clients. An Ao Dai with gentle background color with a few pictures of lotus, mountain, or tiny details is also a very worthwhile choice.

Wearing Ao Dai at graduation ceremonies

High School Graduation Ceremony marks the end of a high school completion of students. And it can be said that this is the end of white shirt time for students (the time of innocent, not worrying about rice, shirt, rice money).
The college graduation ceremony marks the end of hits university program completion of students. And it can also be said that this is the end of the romantic student time, and students are about to enter the challenging life ahead.
These two ceremonies mark two important periods in human life, so schoolgirls have to wear the traditional national costume.

Ao Dai are bank/flight attendant uniforms

Not only appears in the school but today the Ao Dai is also used as a uniform for employees in some major banks in the country. In particular, the national airline Vietnam Airline has used Ao Dai as the uniforms for the flight attendants to bring the image of Ao Dai closer to friends around the world.

Ao Dai are worn by Vietnam Airlines' flight attendants.

Ao Dai are worn by Vietnam Airlines’ flight attendants.

Ao Dai in beauty contests

With domestic beauty contests, the competition in Ao Dai has become a routine. When playing internationally, Vietnamese representatives also regularly use Ao Dai in national uniforms, helping the image of Vietnamese ao known worldwide.

Contestants wear Ao Dai at a beauty contest in Vietnam

Contestants wear Ao Dai at a beauty contest in Vietnam

Ao Dai is not only for women but also for men. In traditional festivals, men also wear Ao Dais to show their seriousness and nostalgia for their ancestors.

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