White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) – Hoi An specialty foods

White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) are 2 Hoi An specialty foods which could not be missed on your trip to the ancient town where there are not only old houses, beautiful architecture, colorful lanterns but also its rich and unique cuisine. The cakes are called White Rose because they look like beautiful white roses.

Both cakes are made from high-quality rice which is chosen carefully. The rice is ground with water and filtered many times (20 times) using cloth bags until the extracted water is clear. The dough must be white and sticky enough. The dough is divided into small pieces. The cook must be very patient, skilfull, and experienced to form small pieces into rose-like-shaped cakes with thin, smooth, and shining petals. Bao Cake is stuffed with pork, wood ears, bean sprouts, green onions which are stir-fried with secret spices. Vac Cake is stuffed with shrimp, pork, and secret spices which are not cooked. These 2 kinds of cakes are steamed until well-done and smelling, it takes about 10 minutes. The skin made from rice flour must be a little sticky, not too tender but not too hard. The filling should be sweet-smelling, and sweet-tasty tender. White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) should be served hot with sweet, sour, and spicy fish sauce dip. They are usually topped with fried onions which are crispy and fragrant and chopped green onion oil.

Located at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Hoa Hong Trang or White Rose Restaurant is the best place to eat Bao Cake – Vac Cake in Hoi An. It has been said that at this restaurant, you can enjoy the original cakes because this is the place where the cakes were created for the first time. This is the only place where White Rose cakes are prepared and supplied to other restaurants in the city. You can see how the cooks, who are in Ao Ba Ba – traditional Vietnamese top and bottom sets, form and stuff the cakes there. For more information, White Rose Restaurant is open from 7:00 to 22:00 every day.

White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) have become an essential part of Hoi An cuisine as well as culture. Enjoying White Roses slowly and feel something a bit old-fashioned, peaceful, and relax.

white rose in hoian

Banh Vac or Vac CakeWhite Roses (Bao Cake - Vac Cake)

A portion of White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) consists of the cakes, topped with fried shallots and fish sauce dip

Fried wonton, topped with coriander, shrimp, tomato sauce

The front of White Rose Restaurant

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