5 Best Crab Noodle Soup In Ho Chi Minh City

You can find a wide range of rice noodle soup in Ho Chi Minh city including rice noodle soup with snake fish, rice noodle soup with saturated fish, rice noodle soup “nuoc leo”, rice noodle soup with fish pie… Crab rice noodle soup (Bun rieu cua) is one of the most popular and delicious rice noodle soup in Ho Chi Minh city as well as Southern Vietnam. Saigon people are attracted by the hot clean broth with porn blood pudding, tofu in the pot, white rice noodle, fresh green vegetable… throughout the years. I would like to share 5 best crab noodle soup in Ho Chi Minh City.

Crab Rice Noodle Soup In Vietnam

1.  Crab noodle soup at Ben Thanh market

All crab noodle soup lovers in Saigon know the shoulder pole which serves their favorite dish. It’s also popular with travelers to Ho Chi Minh city. Located on Phan Boi Chau street, you can find the stall easily when you come to Ben Thanh market. This 30-year-old stall opens for business only in the afternoon. There’s no sign, no trade mark, but this street food stall is always crowded. Coming there, you only choose a place to sit on the pavement and order a bowl of crab noodle soup at your wish. It will be served after one minute. The question is why it attracts so many people for many years. Perhaps because it’s cooked in Southern style with pork pie, pork blood pudding, tofu, crab paste.

2.  Crab noodle soup near Van Lang park

You can find this stall when you reach Van Lang Park in District 5, Ho Chi Minh city. If this your first time, you have to be patient because you have to wait for a while to get the hot bowl of delicious  bowl of crab noodle soup. You may be surprised by seeing one can enjoy 2-3 bowls.

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The stall opens in the evening on the pavement of Van Lang park, District 5. The broth of crab noodle soup at this stall is lighter than others but some people love to enjoy Bun rieu like this. The reasons why you should taste crab noodle soup here are soft and tough blood pudding, special sea-like tasted crab paste, clean broth, light sour tomato, dried shrimp with attracted smelling. In addition, customer can order small bowls of toppings such as blood pudding, dried shrimp

3.  Crab noodle soup with snail at 287, Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 3

Not only at Ben Thanh market but also at Vo Van Tan market, you can find Southern-style Bun rieu. The stall at alley 287, Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 3 is always crowded. Entering the stall you can see a very big pot containing boiling broth which can serve hundreds of customers. The highlight is that snail meat is used as a topping and it’s a big chance for you to try snail meat in Vietnam. This stall serves Bun rieu and Canh bun – a version of Bun rieu and opens in the afternoon. In addition you can taste many kinds of desserts which originated in Mekong Delta such as pig-skin cake, “vi” steamed sticky rice, cow cake… You can stop to enjoy Vietnamese pancake and rice noodle with grilled pork at neighboring stalls.

4.  Crab noodle soup with snail at Thanh Hai stall, 14/12 Ky Dong Street, District 3

The over 30-year-old stall in an alley of Ky Dong street will satisfy you if you would like to taste a Northern-style Bun rieu with snail. Like crab rice noodle soup at other places, the Bun rieu at Thanh Hai stall is served with many kinds of vegetables such as Vietnamese basil, strips of banana flower, bean sprouts. The authentic taste comes from the delicious broth, sour vinegar, tough snail meat and crab paste. Thanh Hai stall has been a favorite place to eat Bun rieu in Saigon. I would like to recommend other dishes at this stall: medium-sized edible snail (nautica tigrina), tiger moon snail steamed with lemon leaves, snail stuffed with ground pork steamed with lemon leaves.

5. Canh bun at Me Toi stall at alley 115/62 Le Van Sy Street, Phu Nhuan District

The “Me Toi” means my mother in English. When Saigon people come there to eat, they feel like they are eating at home. Me Toi stall is located near the rail way and lasts over 30 years. Although the stall is always crowded, customers don’t have to wait to have their dishes. The Canh bun is simple with crab paste and a piece of pork pie but the taste comes from the broth. The Canh Bun is served with water mimosa, water morning glory, chives…

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If you have a chance to visit Saigon, do not miss these authentic dishes. Let’s come to one the best crab noodle soup in Ho Chi Minh City, you will never regret.

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