6 Beautiful Bridges in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is Known as an animated and resplendent place attracting every tourist. The big bridges with the original structures make own beauty of the City. If you are traveling to Saigon, you should visit 6 Beautiful Bridges in Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Anh Sao Bridge
  2. Thu Thiem Bridge
  3. Phu My Bridge
  4. Ong Lon Bridge
  5. Mong Bridge in Saigon
  6. Khanh Hoi Bridge

Here we go…

1. Anh Sao Bridge

Anh Sao is located in Phu My Hung Urban Area, District 7, HCMC. It is 170m long and only for walkers. The bridge has original design, so it attracts lots of the young going on sightseeing.

The two bridge-heads are the two large squares. The western bank is the square imitating the shape of a half of the moon. The eastern bank is the square imitating the shape of the sun. In the bridge, there are lots of lights shining up the same night star lights. The two sides of the bridge have the colorful light changing continuously. Especially, the bridge-hedges have the artificial waterfall.

Looking from above, the scenery is the same a star forest connecting the moon and the sun on the stream sparkling.

Going for a walk on the Anh Sao Bridge, you feel the same as going for a sightseeing a modern city abroad.

2.Thu Thiem Bridge

Thủ Thiêm Bridge connects the two Saigon river banks in District 2 and Binh Thanh of Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge is 1,250m and has six traffic-car lines.

With beautiful sight, Thu Thiêm Bridge becomes one of the popular bridges of the young in Ho Chi Minh City. The young usually gather here late in the afternoon and in the evening. Standing on the bridge, you can contemplate the sight of the City at night sparkling lamplight and receive the cool winds blowing from Saigon River.

Here is also an ideal fishing place for the local people. Besides, Thủ Thiêm Bridge is the wonderful location to contemplate fireworks in Ho Chi Minh at Tet (Vietnamese new year).

 3.Phu My Bridge

Phú Mỹ Bridge connects district 2 and district 7. This is the first cable bridge in Ho Chi Minh City with the length of 2,031m and the height of 162.5m from sea-water level. With majestic shape, the bridge is thought to be the symbol of the dynamic City. This is an attractive traveling point and there are lots of photographers come here to take photos. The young usually go for a walk late in the afternoon and in the evening.

Standing on the bridge, you feel the same as being on the river section in the countryside with vast water river. In the far distance is green coconut lines, thatched houses. Sometimes, some boats carrying lots of fruit appear.

4.Ong Lon Bridge

Ong Lon Bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard of District 7, over Ong Lon Canal. The Bridge has the structure of steel and concrete tube first used in Vietnam. In the far distance, you can see Ong Lon Bridge with specific red color.

Ong Lon Bridge increases the beauty of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard.

With original beauty, the bridge is the destination of lots of the young friends

5.Mong Bridge in Saigon

Mong Bridge is small Bridge over Tau Hu canal. It exits over 100 years and has the special structure with the design bent as a rainbow with a soft blue. The bridge is designed with strong steel and has the length of 128m, with 5.2m. The Bridge is next to Vo Van Kiet Boulevard.

With convenient position, strong design, strange color the bridge become traveling point for the young in the evening. The bridge is also ideal place so that tourists both go for a walk and take nice photos.

6.Khanh Hoi Bridge

Khanh Hoi is over Ben Nghe canal, beside Nha Rong Wharf. It is one of eleven main bridges on west-East Boulevard – the most beautiful and modern road of the City at present.

The Bridge has over 100-year history. It is rebuilt 2 times to undertake the main role connecting District 1 and District 4, District 7 and Nha Be District. The Bridge was last rebuilt in 2006 with the length of 167m and the width of 22m with 4 car lines. The new bridge has the bent and soft shape, which combines with Nha Rong Wharf makes an original sight.

Above bridges are the famous traveling points in Saigon. Coming here, you will get to relax, receive cool breezes and especially, get to look at the busiest in the whole country and take nice photos with friends.

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