Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda

Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda – a hidden impressive pagoda which most tourists miss in Ho Chi Minh City

Located in 66/14 Nghia Thuc Street, Ward 5, District 5, HCMC, Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda is worth visiting for unique architecture and thousands of different buddha statues everywhere on each flour, especially fourth flour. This pagoda is built by Thich Dieu Hoa monk and Tang Duc Bon monk in 1959. It had been the place for Chinese buddhists in Saigon and provinces in South Vietnam. From 1998 to 9th June 2008, Thich Truyen Cuong monk (from Quang Dong, China) – the present master monk  had restored the pagoda.

Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda

The Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda is built on plot of 600 m2. There are 4 flours in the pagoda, there are a lot of statues on each flour. Main worshiping place is located on 4th flour. Worshiped in the central altar , Ty No Gia Na Buddha statue – one of the biggest statues sits on a lotus which has one thousands petals. The interesting part is that there is one Buddha statue in each lotus petal. Other Buddha statues on the central altar are statues of Thich Ca, 2 A Di Da, Duoc Su, Quan Am Bo Tat. On left and right altars, Van Thu Bo Tat and Pho Hien Bo Tat are worshiped. There are ten thousands small Buddha statues on the wall inside 4th flour. There are also 26 paintings of 18 A La  Han, 2 To Ca Dip, A Nan an 6 To Thien Tong hung on the wall. The arrangement of statues and decorations of the pagoda make it solemn and beautiful.

For over 50 years, Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda is a place where Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhists come to learn Buddhist theory and do charity. Hidden in a quiet alley, this pagoda is the brilliant gem which is less-known by tourists. If you have chance to visit Saigon and would like to learn more about pagoda, Buddhism in the city and local life, do not miss seeing Saigon Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda.

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