Nguyen Hue Flower Festival 2017

I live in Ben Tre Province, Western Viet Nam. Before Tet (Vietnamese New Year), thank to internet, I knew that there would be a flower festival on Nguyen Hue street. I was eager to go there for sightseeing. Arranging my work at home, I came to Ho Chi Minh City on the lunar fifth of first month.

Early in the afternoon that day, I started the trip visiting Nguyen Hue Flower Street. On the stretch of road toward the flower street. I saw the front of my eyes high and wide gates made from bright colorful electric lights. I seemed to stray into fairyland.

When the car neared the main gate of the flower street, I walked slowly inside.

Although that day was the final time of the festival, people went on sightseeing are very crowed.

The object making me notice firstly was a two-chicken model very big and colorful. The two chickens holding their head up ahead looked very excited. Looked it for some minutes, I stepped inside.


The flower street had three rows. The middle row was mainly models. There were models as five-fruit tray, square glutinous rice cake and cylindric glutinous rice cake, Vietnamese two chord guitar, Ben Thanh Market and Nha Rong Harbor…Any models were also big. In the middle of the models is apricot blossom and peach blossom.

The two-side rows were full flowers. They were ordered from high to low. Here converged many kinds of beautiful flowers, from marigold, rose, daisy, to orchid, any flowers were also beautiful. Although today was the final day of the festival, the flowers here were still fresh. I looked into flowers, feeling spring coming in my heart.

Although people going on sightseeing were crowed, nobody was hurry, their faces were always brilliant. They walked slowly and take advantage of time to take photos. The other people politely gave up their way to photographers not professional.

On the way, I saw very foreigners going toward me. I came near a man and said shortly, “Hello. Are you happy”. He said, “very happy”. Tet taste was not only for Vietnamese people but for foreign friends.

At the end of the street, I saw a model of lotus installed pink electric light.

In spite of walking on the way rather long, I did not feel tired. Late in the evening, people were still crowed. I had to leave the flower street because the place I stayed rather far.

Tet passed, but it has left in my heart impressions hardly forgetting.

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