A Nguyen Hue Flower street trip

Every Tet (The Vietnamese new year) occasion, Ho Chi Minh City happens Flower festivals. Nguyen Hue flower Street festival is the famous one here. The local people and tourists usually gather here to enjoy spring atmosphere.

nguyen hue street - year of dog 2018
On the first of January of lunar calendar, we have a Nguyen Hue Flower Street visit.
We came here at 8 pm. Near the flower street, we are welcome by greeting gates having flower shapes with bright led lights.
Standing from far, in front of the flower street entrance, we see the gate with the word line above: Chao Mung Xuan Mau Tuat (Greeting Mau Tuat spring)
At the entrance, we see 5 dog statues as big as the human being with colorful flower design. The heads of the dogs rise up, which show developing wish in Mau Tuat year of Vietnamese people.
At that time, visitors are crowded. Some wear modern clothes. Some wear traditional clothes. Anybody also has happy appearance, especially the young. Lots of people stand at the statues to take impressive photos.

Going into inside, we see three flower lines. The mid Flower line is arranged into beds having circle shape.
In the middle of the first flower bed, there are child statues in colorful traditional dress. A child is holding a papaya on the head, a child is holding a cake box and a child is holding a water melon. All looks lovely. Besides, there are big coin models showing the rich dream of Vietnamese people.
The second flower bed, there are palm-leap conical hat models. Each model has the three-meter diameter. They are made from small bamboo bars and decorated with small soft flowers. The models are traditional beauty symbol of Vietnamese people.
The third flower bed, there are big lanterns with electric lamps inside. This image reminds us to remember Hoi An ancient town where there are lots of traditional lanterns.
At the end of the flower street is a water tower with fountains ejecting tiny sprays making very cool space.
Going wherever in the flower street, we also see flowers and flowers. There are kinds of flowers here, from simple flower kinds such as marigold, daisy and sunflower to luxurious flower kinds such as orchids, lily, carnation and cockscomb. They have various colors and fresh, which make refined beauty.
People are more and more crowed. There are even foreigners attending spring festival. Sometimes, they stop to talk to some Vietnamese young friends and smile at children.
There are people of ethnic minority displaying colorful brocade cloth at small stall. Some Vietnamese hold the pieces of cloth, being full of admiration.
With original Beauty of the flower street scenery, everyone does not miss opportunity taking impressive photos. They give spaces each other to take photos. In spite of being crowed, they are very polite.

The sound of smiling, speaking and music make bustling space, which dispels worry and sadness in daily life.
We leave the Nguyen Hue flower street at 10 pm. Until this time, People still come for sightseeing. The street is very overcrowded.

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