Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda (Saigon)

The Quoc Tu Pagoda is a located in District 10. This relatively new (built in 1963) pagoda is easily spotted when cruising down the busy street of 3 Thang 2. At seven stories tall, it’s pretty hard to miss.

Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda Saigon

Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

It’s also a shame to miss, as the pagoda is full of colorful, oversized statues of religious figures which make for some fun viewing. If you’re lucky enough to be around on the first of fifteenth of the month, the pagoda opens up the third and seventh floors of the pagoda. That is if you’re feeling up to the climb… Visitors who are less inclined to hike and/or are not visiting on those days are still invited to hike up to the second floor to visit a stunning and dreamlike shrine made up of countless miniature Buddhas floating against a cloudy sky mural.
The main complex of the pagoda spans seven storeys, with the first two open to the public. Visitors are given access to view the beautiful Buddha statue that is the centrepiece of the pagoda and allowed to walk the grounds.
Although the outside area is usually dominated by street peddlers, as the temple is situated next to a children’s amusement park, the interior is quite clean and the surrounding gardens and lakes make this one of the better pagodas in the city for those looking for a relaxing stroll.

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Some of reviews:

Wonderful sight
The Quoc Tu Pagoda is a located in District 10, next to a kids amusement park. The park is called “Ho Ky Hoa” or “Lake and Gardens” Park. There you will find lakes where you can sail on boats and fish. There is also a small swimming pool open to the public. The Quoc Tu Pagoda is quite a wonderful sight. Its huge tower impressed me. Inside the temple you will find the typical Buddhist statues and an altar. Remember that you have to use proper clothes to visit the Pagodas. You also have to remove your shoes (and your cap), to get in the temples. To get here you should hire a taxi — a moto taxi, if you are traveling alone.

Typical Pagoda

This is typical of many of the pagodas found throughout the area. It’s several stories high, has the usual statues of Buddah inside, and the odor of incense is heavy. People are usuallycoming and going, praying and lighting the incense sticks. Another typical trademark of these pagados are the vendors and beggers outside but are not that persistent if one declines to buy or give something.

Impressive Pagoda
This pagoda stays in 3/2 street. It is rather near the center of the city. It is smaller than Vinh Nghiem Pagoda but I prefer it.This pagoda is especially cool at night withmany lights. I think it is one of the most beautiful pagoda of Ho Chi Minh City. But you should come at night.

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