7 Best ATMs in Vietnam

ATMs in Vietnam are regular. To find out which one gave us the best deal, we went to 7 of the most common banks. There are so many ATMs in Vietnam that it is difficult to know which one to choose when withdrawing cash. The amount you are charged will depend on what bank or card you are using. Choosing the local currency when using ATMs in Vietnam is always best. It means that your home bank/card provider will calculate the exchange rate instead of a Vietnamese bank and most likely offer you a better deal. I would like to share with you 7 Best ATMs in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, ACB Bank, BIDV,  VietinBank, Sacombank, Vietcombank.

What card is used?

We were using a Caxton Prepaid Currency Card. It lets you withdraw cash from anywhere in the world without any fee. Besides, with Caxton, the daily Mastercard exchange rate determines how many pounds you are spending when withdrawing foreign currency.

General advice for ATMs in Vietnam

Because ATMs in Vietnam charge each time you use them, you had better take out big sums of cash each time you use one.

In order to determine how much each of them charges for large withdrawals, we went to seven of the main ATMs in Vietnam.

1. Agribank

Whether you withdraw VND 2,000,000 (£67.74) or VND 3,000,000 (£101.62), Agribank will charge VND 22,000 (74p) to your account for using it.

Agribank gives you your card back before cash.

Agribank ATM - 7 Best ATMs in Vietnam

Agribank ATM. Image: thebank.vn.

2. Techcombank

Techcom bank has a maximum withdrawal amount of VND 2,000,000 and will charge VND 66,000 (£2.23) to take it out.

Techcombank ATM - 7 Best ATMs in Vietnam

Techcombank ATM. Image: foody.vn.

3. ACB

So as to withdraw VND 3,000,000 (ACB’s maximum limit), you will be charged VND 55,000 (£1.86).

ACB ATM - 7 Best ATMs in Vietnam

ACB ATM. Image: VietnamBiz.


Supposedly, BIDV charges a 3% transaction fee for whatever you want to withdraw; however, when we withdrew VND 3,000,000 we were charged VND 99,000 (£3.35).

BIDV ATM - 7 Best ATMs in Vietnam

BIDV ATM. Image: tintucvietnam.

5. VietinBank

For a VND 2,000,000 withdrawal, you will be charged VND 55,0030 (£1.86) by this bank.

VietinBank gives the cash out before returning your card that could be dangerous. Remember your card in the ATM! This took place with multiple people we have met during our travels.

VietinBank ATM

VietinBank ATM. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

6. Sacombank

A 1.5% fee is charged by Sacombank on top of what you take out, with a minimum withdrawal amount of VND 30,000.

Sacombank ATM

Sacombank ATM. Image: plo.vn.

7. Vietcombank

Vietcombank charges 5% on top of your withdrawal amount.

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Summary of Which ATMs in Vietnam are the best?

First, we enjoy using Sacombank because it looked easy to navigate with good English and fair fees. However, after exploring Agribank, it took a clear lead – the fees were amazingly low and our card always seemed to be returned to us before the cash, which reduces the probability of losing your card. Disclaimer: All information was exact at the time of our visit in January 2019. Average exchange rates have been taken at the time of writing this article ( April 2019).

Vietcombank ATM

Vietcombank ATM.

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