Black glutinous rice in Vietnamese cuisine

Grown in North mountains of Vietnam, Black glutinous rice is rich in nutrition. It contains 6,8% protein and 20% lipid which are higher than other kinds of rice. It also contains 8 amino acid, carotene and minerals. There’s no gluten in black glutinous rice’ so that it isn’t sweet. It is good for heart, blood and diet.

Black glutinous rice’ has black color, it turns black purple after cooking

In Vietnam, they use Black glutinous rice’ to make a wide range of delicious and healthy foods and drinks. It has black color, it turns black purple after cooking. Steamed black glutinous rice (Xoi nep cam) is served with toasted sesame salt and/or topped with sugar, crushed peanuts, shredded coconut meat. In some region, they serve Xoi nep cam with mung bean paste. They arrange layers of Steamed black glutinous rice and mung bean paste on each other, then top toasted sesame and shredded coconut meat. Xoi nep cam is the most favorite food of Vietnamese people for its great taste, easy recipe, cheap price and health benefits.

Black glutinous rice

Steamed black glutinous rice’

Talent Vietnamese cooks also cook sweet soup from Black’ glutinous rice and taro – Che nep cam khoai mon. This dessert has won the hearts of many people, including foreigners. To cook Che nep cam khoai mon, they should soak it in water for about 4 hours, then cook it with taro cubes, coconut milk and sugar until tender. The sweet soup is topped with special sauce from coconut milk. It could be serve hot or cold. Che nep cam khoai mon is a perfect blends of creamy coconut milk, chewy taro and sticky rice. If you are a sweet lover, you will fall in love with it for the first time.

Black glutinous rice

Sweet soup

Sua chua nep cam is a famous food which is made from black glutinous rice and yogurt. Yogurt makes the food less greasy and healthier. To make Sua chua nep cam, the cook soak the rice in water for a few hours, cook the rice with water and sugar until tender, add some coconut milk (optional). To serve, just top cooked black glutinous rice with yogurt. Yogurt makes the food less greasy and healthier.

Vietnamese people also make wine from rice, glutinous rice and black’ glutinous rice. Wine from black glutinous rice has different color, taste and smell from other Vietnamese rice. It’s a good choice to drink at Tet for its beautiful color. In addition, Fermented black glutinous’ rice is also a tasty and healthy food.

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