Vietnamese Food Guide

List of Vietnamese foods

Top 10 Vietnamese foods You should not miss

10 best Vietnamese foods You should try

Specialty Foods in Vietnam (Part 1 – Northern Specialties)

Specialty Foods in Vietnam (Part 2 – Central Specialties)

What to Eat at Tet Festival in North Vietnam?

Foods for feast days in Mekong Delta

Top 5 Cheap Breakfast in Vietnam

Top 10 specialty foods to buy in Vietnam

Specialty foods in Soc Trang

Specialty foods of Ca Mau

Specialty foods of Tra Vinh

Specialty foods of An Giang

Food Specialties of Kien Giang

What to eat in Dong Thap?

What to eat in Phan Thiet?

45 Best foods in Hanoi – Part 1

45 Best foods in Hanoi – Part 2

Top specialty foods of Sapa, Lao Cai

What to eat in Halong?

25 Best foods in Dalat



Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Sweet Cakes

10 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Savory Cakes

Funny Vietnamese banh mi thit

A Story About Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

Authentic Vietnamese Recipe – Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

Vietnamese Pancakes (Banh Xeo)

Quang Hoa Vietnamese Pancake

Vietnamese pancake in Cao Lanh

Vietnamese pancake in Phan Thiet

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls (Banh Cuon)

Vietnamese Wet Cake

Vietnamese pizza (Banh trang nuong).

Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake

Round Glutinous Rice Cake (Day Cake)

Vietnamese Mixed Rice Paper Salad

Steamed wheat flour cake – delicious Vietnamese food

Vietnamese Cylindrical Glutinous Rice Cake

Tra Cuon cylindrical glutinous rice cake

Cylindrical young glutinous rice cake

Triangular prism glutinous rice cake with finger palm

Da Loc pyramidal glutinous rice cake

Banh Tam Bi – Delicious Vietnamese Dish

Pan Fried Scrambled Egg Rice Cake

Khot Cake – Traditional Vietnamese Food

Pyramid Shaped Glutinous Rice Cake (Banh It)

Vietnamese Bloating Fern Shaped Cake (Banh Beo)

Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli Sheets (Banh Hoi)

Banh Khoai in Hue

Tay Ninh Rice Paper

Ear Cake in Phu Tho

Pau Plau Round Glutinous Rice Cake

Rang Bua Cake

Cong Cake

Tien Giang Va Cake

Hanoi Goi Cake

Vietnamese Shrimp Crackers

Vietnamese sesame rice cracker – a specialty food of Central Vietnam

Siamese mud carp cracker

Silkworm cake with curried chicken

Quai vac cake in Phan Thiet

Phu Long Question cake with pork organs in Phan Thiet

Bloating-fern-shaped cake in Phan Thiet

Can cake in Phan Thiet

White Roses (Bao Cake – Vac Cake) – Hoi An specialty foods


Duc Cake in Vietnam

Can Tho Duc Cake

Sponge cake with salted duck egg yolk

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with magenta leaf

Bloating fern-shaped cake at Hang Bong market

Banh ro – Pyramidal glutinous rice cake in Central Vietnam


Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake

Pia Cake – A Soc Trang Specialty

Pyramid glutinous rice cake (Banh u)

Vietnamese Cow cake (Banh bo)

Kinds of Vietnamese Mooncakes

Longan Cake in Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Hai Duong mung Bean Cake

Ginger cake – a specialty food of Soc Trang

In cake – a specialty of Soc Trang

Tube cake of Khmer people

Cow cake with palm sugar

Cakes of Khmer people in An Giang

Cho Moi bloating steamed glutinous rice

Stewed sweet potato in Phan Thiet

Re cake in Phan Thiet

Pop glutinous rice cake in Phan Thiet

Banh Thuan – a Vietnamese traditional cake in Central Vietnam


Rice and Sticky Rice

Broken Rice – Com Tam

Vietnamese Claypot Rice and Smashed Flying Rice

Fried rice with ocean crab in Phu Quoc

Phan Thiet chicken rice

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Com Lam – Vietnamese sticky rice in bamboo

Hue Steamed Rice with Baby Clams (Com Hen)

Vietnamese Traditional Foods from Sticky Rice

Steamed Sticky Rice Saigon – an amazing street food

Steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves (Xoi La Chuoi)

Xeo Steamed Glutinous Rice

Vo Steamed Sticky Rice and Fried Cake in Phan Thiet

Xiem steamed glutinous rice in Chau Doc

Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice

Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf – a Saigon street food

Sugar steamed glutinous rice – an authentic dish in Central Vietnam

Five-colored steamed glutinous rice in Ha Giang

Vietnamese young rice flakes

Black glutinous rice in Vietnamese cuisine

Ninh Binh Burnt Rice

An Giang green sticky rice

Com ni – Ca pua of Khmer people in An Giang



A Guide to Vietnamese Rolls

Vietnamese Fried Roll (Cha Gio)

Vietnamese Spring Roll (Goi Cuon)

Vietnamese Dew-wetted Rice Paper and Boiled Pork

Hai Phong fried sea-crab square roll

Nam Thuy flower pork roll

Sticky rice paper roll in Phan Thiet

Fish cake roll in Phan Thiet

Fried corn roll – a specialty food of Quang Ngai

Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh


Grilled dishes

Bo La Lot – Grilled Beef in Piper Lolot Leaves in Saigon

Grilled Beef in Wild Betel Leaves

Grilled snakehead wrapped in young lotus leaves

Cho Gao Grilled Pork Cake

Cai Rang Grilled Pork Patties

Sa Dec grilled duck 

Grilled chicken in clay

Tan Chau climbing mountain cow

Ham Tan grilled pork and shrimp cake

Grilled rice paper with fermented shrimp paste in Phan Thiet

Grilled girdle cake roll dipped in fermented shrimp paste in Phan Thiet

Minced prawn on sugarcane

Catching Mudskipper And Grilling It With Chili Salt

Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce


Fried dishes

Vietnamese Fish Pie

Cuttlefish Egg Cake

Butter Fried Quail In Saigon

Butter fried quail in Vietnam

Deep-fried Elephant-ear Fish In Mekong Delta

U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Fried wild mouse with lemongrass and chili pepper

Fried corn – an exotic Saigon street food


Noodle dishes

Vietnamese Noodles Guide

Top Rice Noodle Soups in Vietnam

How to eat Vietnamese noodle soups?

Pho dishes in Vietnam

Vietnamese Pho – Beef noodle soup

Bun Rieu Cua – Crab Noodle Soup

Hue Beef Noodle Soup

Hue Noodle Soup – a delicious Vietnamese food

Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish – a Speciality foods in Mekong Delta

Quang Style Noodle Soup (Mi Quang) – a delicious Vietnamese food

Quang noodle soup with duck

Quang Noodles with Frog

Crab soup cake (Banh canh cua) – a delicious Vietnamese food

Trang Bang Soup Cake – A Tay Ninh specialty

Soup Cake with Duck in Mekong Delta

Ben Co soup cake

Vinh Trung soup cake in An Giang

4 Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

Phan Thiet soup cake with fish cake

Clear Rice Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu) in Vietnam

My Tho Clear Rice Noodle Soup

Sa Dec dry clear rice noodles

Vietnamese Roasted Duck and Egg Noodle Soup

Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie in Danang

Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu)

Rice Noodle Soup With Fermented Fish Paste

Nuoc leo rice noodle soup in Soc Trang

Rice noodle soup with pepper in Soc Trang

Vinh Chau Clear rice noodle soup with curry

Soc Trang goi da noodle soup

Suong rice noodle soup

Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish

Rach Gia rice noodle soup with fish

Sa Dec clear rice noodle


What to eat with Rice Noodles in Vietnam?

Rice Noodle with Grilled Pork (Bun Thit Nuong)

Rainbow Pho Roll – Vietnamese street food

Rice Noodles with Fried Tofu and Fermented Shrimp Paste

Hoi An Cao Lau

Vietnamese Mixed Clear Rice Noodles

Ha Tien trumpet rice noodle soup

Steamed clear rice noodle



Top 5 Vietnamese Salads

Green papaya salad with shrimp and pork (Gỏi đu đủ tôm thịt)

Green Papaya Salad with Vietnamese Beef Jerky

Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami

Salad with pomelo and shrimp

Banana blossom salad

Neem salad – a specialty food of An Giang

Phu Quoc sardinella salad

Salad with banana blossom and Anadara subcrenata

Melo melo salad in Phan Thiet

Young green jackfruit salad – a specialty food of Central Vietnam



Vietnamese Braised Pork With Eggs

Vietnamese stuffed bitter melon with pork

Braised Shrimp in Fish Sauce and Caramel

Braised eel with buffalo spinach

Tien Giang Nau Man

Saigon street food – Stuffed bitter melon, eggplant and chili pepper

Balls in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese family meal

Dim sums – exotic Saigon street foods


Hot pot and porridge

Ninh Binh Goat Hot Pot 

Fermented fish hot pot with wild vegetables in U Minh

Mangrove Apple Hot pot

Can Tho Hot pot with Fermented fish

Porridge with snakehead and knotgrass

Porridge with mudskipper

Am porridge

Tri Ton beef porridge

Hot pot with Siamese mud carp and Sesbania sesban flower

Hot pot with four-eyed sleeper – a specialty of Phan Thiet

Lau Tha hot pot – a specialty food of Phan Thiet



Sweet and Sour Soup in Mekong Delta

Vietnamese Chicken and Rice Congee

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup

Soup With Crucian Carp And Vietnamese Mint

Soup with Rice Paddy Crab, Malabar Spinach and Luffa

Thut Soup in Dak Nong

Don – a specialty food of Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Crab soup – an exotic Saigon street food


Food Fear Factors and Rare, Expensive Foods

Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Taste of the Fear Factor – Live Coconut Worm in Fish Sauce

Enjoy silkie steamed with coconut juice and chilli in Ben Tre

Vietnamese Pork Organs Rice Congee (Chao Long)

Duck Blood (Tiet Canh Vit) in Vietnam

How to eat boiled fertilized duck egg in Vietnam?

Pha Lau – Vietnamese Stew with Organ Meats

Stir-fried pork intestine with turmeric – specialty food of Quang Ngai

Sa Sung In Vietnam

Pia in Son La

Date palm worm in Ca Mau

Roasted turtle with salt in Ca Mau

Giant mudskipper – a specialty of Ca Mau

Salad with young bee – a specialty food of Ca Mau

Vietnamese sea crab blood pudding

Loi choi in Tra Vinh

Scorpion in Bay Nui

An Phu dried snake

Fried beetle in Bay Nui, An Giang

Snake sausage – a specialty food of Dong Thap

Cao Lanh grilled mouse in terracotta jar

Dishes from butterfly lizard in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet squid egg dishes


Fermented Foods

Vietnamese Fermented Foods

Chao (Fermented bean curd, Fermented tofu)

Vietnamese fermented food – a specialty of Chau Doc

Tre – a speciaty food in Central Vietnam

Fermented shedder fiddler crab

Cha Fermented Shrimp Paste in Tien Giang

Bo hoc fermented fish

Fermented lingula anatina

Braised fermented fish and water lily stem

Dong Thap fermented pork skin

Lai Vung fermented pork

Vietnamese fermented glutinous rice (Com ruou)

Lap Xuong sausage – Must Food at Tet in Vietnam

Pickles and salt-preserved foods

Cu Lao Gieng pickled young mango

Vietnamese salted eggplant

Chit Sa salt-preserved daikon


Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Dips

Bamboo Sprouts in Northwest Vietnam

Vietnamese herbs

Ly Son garlic

Water Lily In Mekong Delta (Bông Súng)

Bitter bolete – a specialty food of Phu Quoc

Vietnamese dipping sauces

Clam worm sauce

Tay Ninh Chili Shrimp Salt

Bamboo Shoots in Vietnamese Cuisine


Seafood, clams, snails

Vietnamese Dried Shrimp

Ca Mau mantis shrimp

Slipper lobster – a specialty food of Phan Thiet

Chu u crab in Tra Vinh

Frog crab – an amazing seafood in Vietnam

Tri-spine horseshoe crab dishes in Vietnam

Stir-fried baby clams in girdle cake

One-sun-dried squid

Squid beak – an amazing Saigon street food

Snail Dishes – Amazing Saigon Foods

Finger Snail Dishes – Saigon Street Food

Vietnamese stir-fried creeper snail with coconut milk

Button top – a specialty food of Central Coast Vietnam

Grilled snail patty in banana leaves

Pila conica hung in kitchen

Cu Lao Dung boleophthalmus boddarti

Vop in Ca Mau

Rach Goc three-striped crab

Phu Quoc barracuda

Grilled boxfish in Phan Thiet

White sardine salad (Goi ca mai)

Silverside salad (Goi ca suot)

Loi fish with onion oil in Phan Thiet

Siamese mud carp in Mekong Delta



Best Vietnamese sweet soup desserts

Vietnamese Sweet Soup

Top traditional Vietnamese sweet soups

15 Best traditional Vietnamese sweet soup (or pudding) desserts in South Vietnam

Hue sweet soups – must-try foods in Vietnam

Top 3 Hanoi desserts in the winter

Top 5 Vietnamese sweet soups must try in Hanoi

Green Bean sweet soup with fried seaweed

Palmyra sweet soup in An Giang

Son Qui sweet soup

Vietnamese cendol (Che banh lot)

Glutinous rice dumplings in ginger syrup in Hanoi

Black sesame sweet soup (Chi ma phu) in Hanoi

Mung bean sweet soup with tangerine peel (Luc tau xa)

Hue yellow yam sweet soup

Hue clear tapioca pearls in ginger syrup (Che bot loc)

Hue lotus seed and longan sweet soup

Hue lotus seed sweet soup

Hyacinth bean sweet soup – a favorite Hue delicacy

Kidney bean sweet soup – a Hue royal dessert

Millet seeds sweet soup at Worm-killing festival in Hue

Hue purple yam sweet soup

Areca flower sweet soup – a delicate Hanoi food

Cassava sweet soup – a Vietnamese traditional food

Young green rice sweet soup – a Vietnamese traditional food

Expanded glutinous rice sweet soup – a Vietnamese traditional food

Water chestnut and mung bean sweet soup – Vietnamese traditional food

Corn sweet soup in Hen Island

Vietnamese corn sweet soup recipe

Che ba ba – a must-eat Vietnamese sweet soup dessert

Vietnamese three color dessert (Che ba mau)

Vietnamese pomelo sweet soup (Che buoi)

Vietnamese agar agar and mock pomegranate seeds dessert

Mountain yam sweet soup – a specialty food of Huong Son

Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup (Che cu sung) 

Vietnamese lesser yam pudding (Che cu tu)

Top mung bean dessert recipes in South Vietnam

Vietnamese taro and glutinous rice pudding (Che khoai mon nep)

Vietnamese sticky rice pudding with black-eyed pea

Vietnamese tamarind seed pudding (Che hat me)

Vietnamese pudding with American ice cream (Chè Mỹ) – an exotic Saigon street food

Bird nest lotus seed dried red date ginkgo dessert

Top Vietnamese sabja seed desserts

Vietnamese mixed sweet soup (Che thap cam)

Young Coconut Jelly

Vietnamese grass jelly and coconut milk dessert drink

Vietnamese jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert

Condensed milk, mung bean and jelly dessert in Hue

Vietnamese banana, tapioca pearl and coconut milk pudding

Vietnamese black glutinous rice and yogurt pudding

Flan cake – Vietnamese street food

Banana mixed with shredded coconut meat

Vietnamese grilled banana in sticky rice, tapioca pearl and coconut dessert



Fresh Sugar Cane Juice In Vietnam

Corn Milk (Sữa Ngô / Sữa bắp)

Traditional wine in Vietnam

Red glutinous rice wine in Thanh Hoa

Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh

Sau Tia plump wine

Buon Ma Thuot coffee in Vietnam

Suoi Giang Shan Tuyet Tea



Top Fruits in Vietnam And How To Eat Them

Five-fruit Tray at Tet

Durian Fruit

Delicious Vietnamese Foods from Banana

Coconut fruit in Vietnamese cuisine

Elephant apple in Tra Vinh

Cau Ke Makapuno

Lai Vung mandarin


Dried Foods

Vietnamese Tray of Mut Tet

Watermelon Seeds – Must Food at Tet Festival

Vung Thom pork sausage

Beef sausage in Chau Doc

Thanh Tri buffalo jerky

Khanh Hoa Salangane Nests



Siu Chau Candy in Nam Dinh

Hue Me Xung candy

Me lao – a specialty food of Soc Trang


Food Culture

How street food vendors sell their products in Vietnam

Catching Shrimps With Cast Net And Making Boiled Shrimp With Coconut Water

Use of chopsticks in Vietnam

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