Cong Cake

Cong Cake or Bánh Cống is a very delicious Vietnamese traditional savory cake. It is popular in many provinces in South Vietnam (Can Tho, Dong Thap, Soc Trang…). Cong Cake wins the hearts of many locals and visitors. A Cong Cake is as small as a muffin. Main ingredients to make this cake are rice flour, mung bean, and shrimp. It is crispy outside, airy and soft inside. While eating, dinner can find the cake buttery, tender, crispy at the same time. One of interesting fact about the cake is that it is fried in a special tool called “Cong”. Made of metal (stainless steel or aluminum), “Cong” is similar to a ladle. That is the reason why we call it Cong Cake.Cong Cake In Mekong Delta Cong Cake In Mekong Delta

Cong Cake In Mekong Delta


Traditionally rice is soaked in water for 6 hours and ground with water to make a rice flour mixture. However, they usually mix rice flour and water to save time in recent days. Whole mung bean is soaked in water for about 6 hours, then cooked until tender and put into the mixture. Depending on local preferences and tastes, they can add ground pork, onion, jicama into the mixture to enhance the cake’s flavor. The way to cook Cong Cake is as special as its name. Firstly, the cook must put “Cong” into hot oil so that “Cong” is hot. After that, the cook pours the mixture into the “Cong”, top two or three shrimps onto the mixture and fries until the cake turns crispy and yellow.

Vietnamese people eat Cong Cake when it is still hot. They serve this savory food with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. Sweet and sour fish sauce dip could not be missed. Cong Cake is outstandingly flavorful and addicting so that it guarantees dinner would like to eat it again and again.

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