Cu Chi Tunnels Travel Guide

Cu Chi Tunnels Travel Guide

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most-visited attractions in Ho Chi Minh city for its special historical meanings and amazing 200-km-long system of underground tunnels. During the Vietnam War, Cu Chi Tunnels had been the base of Vietcong soldiers and locations for many military campaigns. Today, there are 2 memorial sites opened to welcome tourists: Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc which is further than the other. The tunnels which visitors explore there are part of the bigger underground network. Ben Dinh is more popular and crowded with foreign tourists while Ben Duoc is where Vietnamese come to visit. Visiting Cu Chi tunnels is a must when you come to Saigon. Because the tunnels are 70 km far from the center of Saigon, it’s easy for you to do a half-day Cu Chi tunnels trip. I’d like to share a Cu Chi Tunnels Travel Guide for whom is planning a trip to visit the tunnels.

Ben Dinh or Ben Duoc?

Many tourists wonder they should visit Ben Dinh or Ben Duoc. It’s a big miss if I don’t write about this in my Cu Chi Tunnels Travel Guide. The majority of tourist companies bring you to Ben Dinh so that you may see many tourists there, especially during high season. In fact, Ben Dinh tunnels have been a part of the underground network and created especially for tourists.

Ben Duoc tunnels are the original one where Vietcong lived, ate, slept, and worked. The Ben Duoc temple with beautiful architecture, a miniature of East Sea, Hue Citadel, One Pillar Pagoda and Dragon Wharf, recreated free zone are reasons why you should come to Ben Duoc. You can also join a paintball game to relax there. It’s worth a visit.

Book a Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Most of the travel agency in Vietnam can arrange you a group or private Cu Chi tunnels, including car, guide, pick up/ drop off at your hotel, entrance fee and meal. There’re many kinds of Cu Chi Tunnels for your choices such as Cu Chi tunnels tour by car, Cu Chi tunnels tour by bus, Cu Chi tunnels tour by motorbike and Cu Chi tunnels tour by boat. The Cu Chi tunnels tour by car (group tour) is the cheapest one with the price of around 10usd/pax. A private tour by car is a good choice for a couple, group or family. Motorbike tour (65usd/pax) is a chance for you to feel adventurous and enjoy beautiful sights on the way. The luxury Cu Chi tunnels tour by boat (90usd/pax) is a little expensive but you’ll enjoy more things than only a trip to tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Organize the trip to Cu Chi Tunnels yourself?

Just take the Bus number 13 at 23/9 Park Bus Station which is located between Le Lai Street and Nguyen Thi Nghia Street. It’s easy to find it because it’s near the Saigon backpacker area. After about 1.5 hours you’ll reach Cu Chi bus station – the last stop of Bus number 13. You only pay less than 1 US Dollar. Remember to have VND with you. At Cu Chi bus station you should take Bus number 79 which drives you to Ben Duoc. It will take 45 minutes to get there.

What to do at Cu Chi tunnels?

At Ben Dinh or Ben Duoc, you will buy an entrance ticket with a price of about 5 USD (110,000 VND). Local guides will help you to explore the tunnels. There you’ll watch a black and white documentary film for 15 minutes, crawl the tunnels to explore many things such as kitchens, bedrooms, chimneys and others were used by Vietcong to hide, fight and save their life underground. You can also try to crawl sections of tunnels where there’s totally no light with a little air to feel how hard to live in the tunnels even in a few minutes. You can try shooting the gun in the firing field at a reasonable price.

What to Eat in Cu Chi?

While you’re exploring the tunnels, steamed tapioca with crushed peanuts and palm sugar is served. It’s a specialty of Cu Chi which local people used to eat so much during the war because of lack of foods. If you book a customized private tour by car or motorbike, you can stop at Bo To Xuan Dao to enjoy many delicious dishes made from Cu Chi beef. Sugar cane juice with durian at Vuon Cau cafe is a famous drink in Cu Chi you shouldn’t miss.

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