Duc Cake in Vietnam

Vietnam has hundreds of traditional cake recipes including sweet and savory. In this post, I would like to introduce to you a very popular cake – Duc Cake. This food is made from rice so that it is very cheap and comfortable to eat. Duc Cake is soft, fresh and smelling.

Quality of rice decides deliciousness of the cake. Vietnamese people usually choose Te rice to make Duc Cake. Te rice is soaked in ash water overnight before being ground for a few times into soft and smooth rice flour and water mixture. Cake maker cooks the mixture in a pot with a thin layer of oil on low heat and stirs continuously until the mixture thick enough. It is time to pour the well-done mixture into molds which is about 4 cm high. If the molds are too big, the cake must be cut into smaller pieces to serve. The cake is ready when it turns cold. It is usually served with honey, fermented soybean, braised fish in caramel, fried tofu, boiled pork…

Above is the recipe of the simplest Duc Cake in Vietnam. There are many versions of Duc Cake made by people in different regions in the country. It can be savory or sweet. Instead of Te rice, they use tapioca starch, cornstarch. They also add peanuts, taro, coconut meat, coconut cream, pandan leaf juice… to enhance the flavor of Duc Cake.

Duc Cake has become a beautiful memory of many Vietnamese people for a long time. It is the cake that is made by mothers, sisters, grandmothers in Vietnamese families. It is a favorite gift which mothers bring home from markets every morning. It is not only a tasty food but also a part of Vietnamese culture.

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