Fish cake roll in Phan Thiet

The coastal Phan Thiet is famous for sand dulls, beautiful beaches, seafood dishes and many kinds of rolls such as Grilled rice paper with fermented shrimp paste (Bánh tráng nướng mắm ruốc), Sticky rice paper roll (Bánh tráng cuốn dẻo), Grilled girdle cake roll dipped in fermented shrimp paste (Bánh tráng cuốn chấm mắm ruốc), and Fish cake roll (Chả cá cuốn, Chả cuốn, Cha cuon).

Fish cake roll is delicious, tasty and cheap street food in Phan Thiet. The dish appeared many years ago. No one knows exactly when it was created, local people only know that when they were young they have seen and eaten the food. It has been said that Fish cake roll originated in Duc Nghia ward.

Ingredients for this roll are steamed fish cake made from Sardinella, boiled egg, pork skin, cucumber, herbs, and rice paper. The fish cake is chewy and sweet-tasty. All of the ingredients are wrapped carefully and skillfully in rice paper into a cylinder. The roll looks plumpy, 2 rolls of this kind can fill a mature person. To eat, dip the roll in a special sauce made from fish sauce and peanuts. The perfect mix of sticky rice paper, juicy cucumber, aromatic herbs, buttery egg yolk, tender egg white, salty fish sauce, and buttery peanuts attracts most of the people.

Do not miss tasting Fish cake roll in Phan Thiet if you have a chance to visit this beautiful city which is considered as a paradise of street foods which can win the hearts of all ages.

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Fish cake roll

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