Fried corn roll – a specialty food of Quang Ngai

Vietnam has various fried roll recipes: Vietnamese fried roll (Chả giò, Cha gio), Fried shrimp roll (Chả ram tôm đất), Fried crab roll (Chả giò cua bể), etc. Most of the Vietnamese spring rolls are made by using rice paper to wrap filling which is made from various combinations of pork, shrimp, crab, egg, cellophane noodles, shiitake, wood ear, carrot, etc. Fried corn roll (Ram bắp, Ram bap) perhaps is the simplest Vietnamese fried roll. It is made from rice paper, onion, green onion. The roll is usually served as a snack. It is also offered to ancestors at Tet festival, death anniversary. Crispy tiny fried roll has become familiar with every Quang Ngai people.

It is simple to make Ram bap. Remove whole corn seeds from the cob or slice corn seeds of the cob. Mix the seeds with minced onion, green onion, spices. Use rice paper to wrap the corn mixture into finger-sized rolls. Then fry them in oil until yellow and crispy. Ram bap is served with vegetables, herbs, rice noodles, rice paper and sweet-sour dipping fish sauce. Just wrap Fried shrimp rolls, noodles, vegetables (cucumber, salad), herbs above in rice paper, dip in the fish sauce dip and tuck in.

Although the recipe is simple, it is not easy to make good Fried corn roll. The cook must choose not too young not too old corn which has tender and milky seeds. The rice paper should be made by Quang Ngai people. This kind of rice paper has a square shape and should be cut into quarters before wrapping the roll. The cook must be skillful so that he can make firm and nice-looking rolls the same size. He should not roll Ram bap to tightly because the corn puffs up when being heated. The roll should not burst open when frying. He should fry the rolls right after wrapping so that the rolls are crispy. The dipping sauce is made from fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, and Ly Son garlic.

Crispy, sweet tasty Fried corn roll, fresh and juicy vegetables, sticky rice paper, sweet-sour fish sauce blends perfectly. This food is a wonderful choice on cold days or rainy days. Do not miss the tasty and healthy Fried corn roll – a specialty food of Quang Ngai on your trip to this province.


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