Nam Thuy flower pork roll

Vietnamese pork roll is a traditional food which has been a favorite of many people. It is a must food at many important events (wedding, death anniversary), festivals, especially Tet festival – the biggest festival in the country. Nam Thuy flower pork roll (Cha hoa Nam Thuy) – one of the specialty foods of Tra Vinh province in Mekong Delta region of Vietnam is a creative version of pork roll. The cake is named after Mrs. Nam Thuy – an experienced pork roll maker in Tra Vinh. After many years making at pork roll factories, Mrs. Nam Thuy created the flower pork roll in 1999. Since then, the pork roll has become more and more popular not only in Tra Vinh but around the country for its impressive looking and amazing taste.

Nam Thuy flower pork roll

When cut into circles, they look like beautiful flowers. So that it is called flower pork roll. Made from egg, the outer layer is yellow. The next layer is pink, chewy and well-kneaded like Vietnamese pork roll. The inner consists of orange salted duck egg yolk, carrot, crunchy black wood ear, sweet-tasty pork, chewy pork skin, etc. Nam Thuy flower pork roll is wrapped in banana leaves which enhances its flavors and smell.

Cutting the roll and eating with steamed rice or rice noodles, fish sauce and herbs is the simplest way to making a meal for your family. Nam Thuy flower pork roll is a good choice for the feast in Vietnam. It is usually served as a starter. At Tet festival, they eat Nam Thuy flower pork roll with fish sauce and pickled scallion heads. One of the highlights of Nam Thuy flower pork roll is safe and fresh ingredients. This product is produced at a factory owned by Mrs. Nam Thuy’s family. It is sold popularly not only in Tra Vinh but also other provinces so that this food is easy to buy.Nam Thuy flower pork roll

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