Vietnamese Fried Roll (Cha Gio)

Vietnamese Fried Roll

Vietnamese Fried Roll (Cha Gio) was listed in Top 50 Most Tasty Dishes in the world by CNN in 2011. It’s one of 12 Vietnamese dishes recognized as Top Dishes of Asia Record by Asian Records. Cha Gio is a traditional Vietnamese food which is made from simple ingredients but has special taste. It has been said that this food appeared during the era of French colonial rule. Until now, Cha Gio has become one the most popular foods at Tet festival, on weddings, on death anniversaries and at parties.  Being a brilliant gems among Vietnamese dishes, it’s considered as the soul of the country.

Noodles With Vietnamese Fried Roll

Main ingredients to make Cha Gio are rice paper, pork, shrimp, wood ear, egg, carrot, vermicelli and fish sauce. Pork and shrimp are ground or chopped up. Wood ear, carrot and vermicelli are minced. All then are mixed well with egg, sugar, salt, fish sauce, garlick and black pepper to make the Cha Gio’s filling. After that use rice paper to wrap the filling into medium rolls which are deep-fried until they turn brown yellow, smelling and crispy. Vietnamese Fried Rolls better are served hot with dipping fish sauce, rice noodles (or steamed rice).

Rice Paper

Rice paper – must ingredient of Vietnamese Fried Roll

Ingredients To Make Vietnamese Fried Roll

Ingredients to make Vietnamese Fried Roll

Filling Of Vietnamese Fried Roll

Filling is ready for wrapping

Vietnamese Fried Roll Before Deep Frying

Vietnamese Fried Roll before frying

ove Cha Gio recipe is popular in North Vietnam and more well-known by tourists than other kinds of Cha Gio in Vietnam such as Cha Gio Re, Ram Bap… Cha Gio Re or Vietnamese Fried Roll with Netted Rice Paper is wrapped by netted rice paper so that it’s crispier. Its filling is made from taro paste and shrimp or mung bean paste and pork. Cha Gio Re is popular in South Vietnam. Ram Bap in Quang Ngai is a version of Cha Gio which filling is made from young corn and chopped green onion. Ram Hue wrapped in thick Rice Paper with Sesame is a specialty food in Hue.

If you have chance to visit Vietnam, do not miss this delicious food.

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