Rainbow Pho Roll – Vietnamese street food

Rainbow Pho Roll

Pho noodle soup is the national dish and it’s always in the list of must-eat Vietnamese dishes. Not many tourists know about a version of Pho which wins the hearts of most Vietnamese people and foreigners. I would like to mention Pho Roll – an amazing street food in Vietnam. Pho Roll originated in Hanoi and has become popular around the country. Instead of using rice paper to wrap all ingredients into a medium roll like spring roll which is well-known by most international tourists visiting Vietnam, the cook use a thicker and wetter white Pho noodle sheet. Most of the foodies love the perfect mix of tender and tough Pho noodle sheet, flavorful fillings from slices of boiled meat, shrimps and fresh herbs. Like other kinds of Vietnamese rolls, dipping sauce plays an important part which makes the dish special and tasty. Each cook has his own receipt of making sauce from many Vietnamese ingredients.

Pho Roll In Vietnam

This year, Pho Roll is one of the most favorite foods in Saigon. More and more restaurants and street food stalls are open for selling this food with different receipts. One of the most beautiful and special Pho Roll is Rainbow Pho Roll. The cook uses meat or juice of many kinds of fruits and vegetables to make the Pho noodle sheet colorful and tastier. Gac – a kind of fruit in the countryside is used to make the orange Pho roll. La Cam – a kind of leaves growing in Mekong Delta orchards is the ingredient to make the roll have violet color. The green sheet is made from La Dua. Other ingredients to make color are pumpkin, greens, taro, white rice… Dinners can feel the smell and taste of Gac, La Dua and La Cam while eating the roll. The cook can mix these natural colors to make more colors at his wish. Finally, he creates an attractive plate of colorful Pho Roll to serve customers. You can choose new filling -Nem Nuong or traditional fillings – grilled pork batter, boiled pork and shrimp.

The Pho Roll is delicious, easy to eat and very healthy. There’s no reason why you won’t try tasting this amazing street food on your trip to Vietnam. You can enjoy Rainbow Pho Roll in Saigon at Hai Thien Pho Roll restaurant, 14 Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The restaurant is always crowded with locals and tourists because of the amazing taste of Pho Roll, Pho noodle soup, Mixed Pho noodle.

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