Vietnamese Dew-wetted Rice Paper and Boiled Pork

Tay Ninh is famous for being the origin of Cao Dai religion, the biggest Cao Dai temple in Vietnam and Ba Den mountain – the highest mountain in South Vietnam with mysterious story. Tay Ninh is also also famous for lots of specialty foods including Dew-wetted Rice Paper and Boiled Pork (Thit Heo Luoc Cuon Banh Trang). Dew-wetted Rice Paper and Boiled Pork includes dew-wetted rice paper, boiled pork, vegetables, pickles and dipping sauce.

Although Vietnam has lots of similar wrap and roll recipes, Dew-wetted Rice Paper and Boiled Pork has been a very special. The first highlight is dew-wetted rice paper. It is a specialty of Trang Bang – a town of Tay Ninh province. Loc Du village in Trang Bang where most of families earn their living on making dew-wetted rice paper is famous for the best rice paper. What makes this rice paper special and different from other kind of rice paper which is used to make popular Vietnamese rolls such as Spring Roll, Fried Roll…? It has 2 layers instead of 1 layer. In addition, after being sun-dried, rice paper is moistened by dew for about 15 minutes at night. So that it is not as hard as normal rice paper but chewy and tender. This kind of rice paper is a perfect wrappers for roll recipes. Other highlight is tender boiled pork and vegetables in Tay Ninh forest.

To eat, dinners put boiled pork slices, vegetables, pickles on to wrapper, then roll and dip into special dipping sweet and sour fish sauce. What a perfect blend of all things! The dish is really fresh and good for health. A Vietnamese person can eat more than 10 rolls. How about you? Do not miss this food.

Dew-wetted rice paper with boiled pork, pickles and lots of vegetables

Dew-wetted rice paper

Boiled pork


Put vegetables, pork onto the rice paper, then roll

Special dipping sweet and sour fish sauce

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