Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh

Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is one of the most favorite traditional foods in Quy Nhon province, Binh Dinh province of Central Vietnam as well as the entire country. They call Fried shrimp rolls Chả ram tôm đất or Cha ram tom dat in Vietnamese. The smelling finger-sized fried roll which is crispy outside, tender and sweet tasty inside attracts most of the people. It can be served as a snack or main dish on normal days. It is a popular food on important occasions such as Tet festival, death anniversary, wedding, birthday party, etc. Originated in the rural countryside of Central Vietnam, the food has been more and more popular at street food stalls and restaurants in the country.

You may have heard about the must-eat Vietnamese fried roll (Chả giò, Cha gio) which is made from rice paper, pork, shrimp, egg, cellophane noodles, shiitake, wood ear, carrot, etc. Fried shrimp roll is smaller and simpler but not less delicious than the famous Vietnamese fried roll. Ingredients for Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh Fried shrimp roll are rice paper, pork belly, shrimp, shallot, pork fat, egg, spices.

To make the roll, choose fresh wild shrimps, wash carefully, remove their heads, peel and season them with salt, sugar and ground paper. Leave them in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes. Pork belly is minced or cut into cubes. Slice shallots and dry them under the sun. Use rice paper to wrap shrimp, pork belly and shallots into a finger-sized roll. Use egg white to paste the corner of the rice paper to make sure the roll does not burst open. Frying Cha ram tom dat is an art. The cook should be skillful and experienced so that the food is crispy outside, well-done inside. To make the roll crispy for a long time after frying, they add a few drops of lime juice to the oil. Fried shrimp rolls are usually served with vegetables (cucumber, tomato), herbs, rice noodles, rice paper and sweet-sour dipping fish sauce. Diners can top rice noodles with Fried shrimp rolls, vegetables, herbs and eat with dipping sauce. Or wrap Fried shrimp rolls, noodles, vegetables, herbs above in rice paper, dip in the fish sauce dip and tuck in. What a wonderful blend! If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, do not miss Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh. You will not regret.


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