Fish Praying Festival in Thuan An

Every 3 years, on January 12th, people in Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien – Hue Province organize Fish Praying Festival to memorize the god of the village, Truong Quy Cong and to show aspiration getting to the open sea peacefully and successfully. Truong Quy Cong is from Thanh Hoa who had altruistic heart and had merit in teaching the poor people to fish and carrying on business boats.

Fish Praying Festival is prepared in the afternoon before. At 12 o’ clock in the evening, a peace praying ceremony is carried out. All boat owners wear black long dresses and white trousers, heads wear red towels to go in turn for praying.

At 2 o’clock on January 12th, Main Ceremony occurs. An oration is offered to the village god and the ancestor to pray for peace and comfort.

After the ceremony part, the festival part is the part of attracting the most people. The parade goes according to a circle in front of the temple yard with a big boat on the shoulders of the youths and fish pictures on the hands of the children. They repeat fish catching sight of fishers in the sea region. In addition, the boat racing and art, sports activities happen extremely excitingly.

The character of Fish Praying Festival in Thuan An Town is that the ceremonies are not only at the temple but also at all houses in The Town. Every family puts incense-table, lays offerings to pray for Timely rains and favorable weather, shrimps, and fish full of boats.

Fish Praying Festival happens not only in Thuan An but also in many other places in the sea region of Viet Nam. It contains the culture color of the sea region and shows the spirit when drinking water, think of its source and the peaceful and comfortable aspiration of Vietnamese people. Traveling to Thuan An on early spring days, you do not forget this special festival.


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