Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Some adventurous tourists usually find Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam on their trip to this amazing country. It’s true that there are a wide range of Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam, including foods that only a few locals dare to eat. In this post, I would like to introduce some Foods Fear Factor loved by a lot of people in the country. Considered as healthy foods, followings are foods fear factor in Vietnam eaten popularly at home and restaurants:

1. Fertilized Duck Egg

Fertilized Duck Egg Night Saigon Food Tour By Motorbike 2 Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Stir Fried Fertilized Duck Egg With Tamarind Sauce In Vietnam - one of Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Fertilized Duck Egg is an amazing food to Vietnamese people because it’s not only delicious but also healthy. Even children in this country don’t dare to eat this food fear factor because they are served by their mothers as soon as possible. Instead of being hatched for about 21 days, fertilized duck egg has been hatched for 17 days and cooked into tasty dishes. The most common way to cook fertilized duck egg is boiling. This kind of food is boiled and kept warm in a basket with husk and clothes. Boiled fertilized duck egg is served hot in a small glass with Vietnamese mint, mix of salt, ground black pepper and lemon juice/kumquat juice. Tip to eat this food for the first time is having someone crack the egg, get the fertilized duck meat out of the egg shell and do not look at the food. Fertilized duck egg’s also usually stir-fried with tamarind sauce.

2. Pig and Cow Guts

Noodle Soup With Stewed Organs In Vietnam

Vietnamese Bread With Stewed Organs - Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Pig and cow guts are thrown away in many countries around the world. However in Vietnam, we use them to cook many delicious dishes, including famous Stewed Pig and cow guts. This food is usually eaten with Vietnamese mint, bread or noodles. Cooks must use wine, ginger, salt, vinegar to remove the smell of guts and marinate guts with ground shallot, garlic, pepper. Then fry and stew marinated guts in coconut water until 1/3 coconut water lefts. It is a very smelling and flavorful food that can attract any dinner.

3. Chicken Guts

Chicken Guts And Legs In Vietnam - Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Chicken guts are ingredients of many Vietnamese dishes. There are a wide range of methods to cook these foods: stir-frying with luffa, cooking with congee, grilling, stewing, cooking soup…


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4. Chicken Feet

Vietnamese Barbecue Night Saigon Food Tour By Motorbike 5

Foods Fear Factor in Vietnam

Chicken feet is cheap and tasty food which is found easily at barbecue stalls and restaurants in Vietnam. It’s one of the best food to eat while drinking beer. A thin layer should be removed, only a layer of skin and tendons are edible. This has a distinct texture which is totally different from other parts of a chicken. Grilled chicken feet are so smelling and gelatinous that dinner can eat 10 feet.

 5. Grilled mouse

Mice live on coconut palms or in rice fields and damage everything for foods. Meat of mice is greasy, tasty and smelling so that Vietnamese people use them to cook delicious dishes such as Grilled mice. The food is usually served with salt, ground pepper and kumquat juice.

6. Grilled snake

Have you ever tasted Grilled snake? In Vietnam, people love to eat snake dishes. Don’t dare to eat, snake may be one of the tastiest food in your life.

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