Hidden Saigon in the morning

It’s the best starter once you hit Saigon to join a by motorbike tour through the city with our beautiful guide in early morning. You will wake up your senses with the morning sights and sounds of Saigon in the morning and enjoy a different day by falling in line with locals.

Anyone who travels to Saigon may be surprised by the crazy traffic with hundreds of motorbikes on the street. If you feel adventurous, why not try hopping on a motorbike and weave the crowded main roads and quiet small alleys. On the way you can stop anywhere to see, smell, touch and eat. Is it exciting to a park to listen to bird song, drink famous Saigon coffee and the biggest flower market in Saigon? Would you like to stop at a local wet market to see how Saigon people sell and buy products including many things you may not have seen before and enjoy exotic street foods and drinks? What’s more? We will show you a second city hidden behind the luxurious Saigon with French colonial architecture, skyscraper, hotels and restaurants on main road. This is especially true of the City’s numerous alleyways and back streets where there are many many things to do: street arts, street food and drink stall and unique lifestyle…

Let’s gain a sense of Saigon in morning and submerge yourself in this bustling city by joining our Morning Saigon motorbike tour, you will never regret.

This tour begins around sunrise when the air is fresh. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel to see the city waking up. Street sweepers are doing their calm work on the street, street food vendors are preparing everything to serve breakfast to their customers, motorbike taxi drivers are waiting for first customer. If you haven’t had breakfast at the hotel yet, we will stop at a food stall to fill your empty stomach with a yummy dish. Firstly we will take you a green local park where you entertain yourself like locals by listen to beautiful bird song of while sipping famous Saigon coffee.


Afterwards, we will drive you to the biggest flower market in Saigon where each flower shop is in front of individual homes and the alleyways are narrow, just wide enough for motorbikes to pass through. No car would fit!

We continue by weaving the main roads. It’s time to see the crazy traffic of the city with a vast of motorbike on the streets. People are in a hurry to reach their work places and universities. Have you ever driven a motorbike to get to work like this? It’s worth a try.

We will drive you through back alleys in Saigon, including unique alleys such as graffiti and celeb alleys. You will have chance to see how major of Saigon people live in narrow houses in these alleys. People drink coffee, read newspapers and have leisurely chat in the morning on plastic chairs at a small drink stall in the alley. Everybody do everything in a yard or general space in front of the houses. There are really many things more to see in Saigon alleys which you should not miss. In addition we also show you some special streets in Saigon such as painting streets, old book streets, fashion streets… The route is flexible if you would like to see Saigon’s most-visited tourist attractions: Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, Independece Palace and China Town…

We will continue this tour with a stroll to a local wet market where you can see how locals sell and buy products and interact with friendly Saigon people. You are free to ask about any strange thing there. You will get to sample delicious street foods: rice noodle soups, Vietnamese pancake, soup cake, sweet soups, coconut jelly, mixed rice paper salad… and enjoy cool drinks: sugar cane juice, coconut water… Our tour guide will tell you about food’s story, history, how to cook and how to eat the dishes in the right way. We will collect some fruits and you will have chance to bargain like locals. Our guide will help if you would like to buy something to bring home.

The last stop will be a very special café with self-serviced style, peaceful space with ancient design. The café is decorated by hundreds of multi coloured windows of various styles promises to bring you strange feelings. This café will ease the intensive heat of summer in Saigon with rows of green trees.

The tour guide drive you back the hotel, tour ends with a lots of smile.

For more information: Morning Saigon Street Food Tour by Motorbike


  • Catch the first ray of the sun and enjoy the fresh air as well as peaceful atmosphere.
  • Experience crazy traffic in Saigon, zip through the city like locals.
  • Enjoy bird song and sip famous Saigon coffee in a green park – a Saigon people’s favorite entertainment.
  • Visit Ho Thi Ky flower market – the biggest flower market in Saigon
  • Explore extensive network of back alleys in Saigon, especially graffiti alley, celeb alley…
  • Learn more about real life of Saigon people in narrow back alleys.
  • Explore some special streets in Saigon such as painting streets, old book streets, fashion streets…
  • Visit local wet market with various things to see, smell, touch, eat and bargain like locals.
  • Taste exotic street foods, drinks and fresh seasonal fruits.

What included:

Pickup & drop off at your hotel.

All street foods and drinks.

English speaking tour guide.

Motorbike, fuel, high quality open-faced helmet, bottle of water, rain poncho (if needed).

Lots of fun.

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