Kids enjoyed Saigon Sightseeing Tour by Motorbike

Kids enjoyed Saigon Sightseeing Tour by Motorbike

Let’s start the Saigon Sightseeing Tour by Motorbike with amazing girls. Our kids were so excited to sit on motorbike. If you’re wondering if you should join a motorbike tour with your children, let’s do it. Motorbike is safe for your children to sit, see many strange things on the street. The tour can open their mind about a new country where motorbike is main mean of transportation. Children in Vietnam go to school, visit their relatives or go to the park by motorbike but car which is popular in Western countries.

saigon sightseeing tour by motorbike tour on the way

We were posing for photo, but it looked great to drive the motorbike in Saigon. If I had chance to live in this crowded and busy city, I would choose motorbike to go around because car is less effective than a two-wheel motorbike.

kid on motorbike tour in saigon 2

How about my strong man? He was really thrilling to start the tour.

kid on motorbike tour in saigon

How cute my little girl was on a motorbike!

saigon motorbike tour at thien hau temple

One of highlights of the Saigon Sightseeing Tour by Motorbike is Thien Hau temple. We were taking photo with a local and his boy at the gate of the temple. The architecture is worth an admire. We felt calm visiting this place. Built by  Chinese people immigrated to Vietnam in 1760, Thien Hau temple is the oldest temple in Saigon.

fire incense at thien hau temple 2

My wife was interested in many strange things inside the temple which we had never seen before.

fire incense at thien hau temple

The guide was showing our kids how to fire spiral incense cone. After being fired, the incense would be hung on the ceiling of the temple.

pray at thien hau temple on motorbike tour in saigon

The Vietnamese tour guide was very friendly and helpful. My girl liked her so much, the kids followed her to see and listen to new things. The local guides of motorbike tour were different from tour guides of some group or private tour we’ve done. We were like close friends that made us very comfortable.



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