Taste of the Morning – a sunshiny Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh city

When you come to Ho Chi Minh city, You must try some local street food tours. The fantastic street food tour in Ho Chi Minh city Taste of the Morning will drive you through the streets and alleys, breathe the fresh air of the morning in this beautiful city. The girls in white “ao dai” are riding the bicycles to their schools. The elders sit around plastic table at a pavement cafe to enjoy coffee, read newspapers and share their stories. Other eat or buy their fast breakfast on the street and go for working in a hurry. Let sample some top breakfast in Ho Chi Minh city with us to immerse yourself into the life here. Joining our Taste of the Morning  – a sunshiny food tour in Ho Chi Minh city, you do the right choice to experience the city as it is. Ho Chi Minh food tour on Scoooter , motorbike with highlights:

  • Best street foods in morning.
  • Food history and culture.
  • Nice view of the waking up city.
  • Fresh atmosphere and sunshine.
  • Extensive network of back alleys.
  • Eat, live, have fun like locals.

If you enjoy Ho Chi Minh Food tour,  normally the tour guide pick you up at your hotel at 7:00AM.

You will be driven around Ho Chi Minh city. On back of the motorbike you can feel all the sounds and smells of an early morning in this beautiful city.

You will be driven through small back alleys that’s not on the map. There you can see the old narrow houses, which are extremely different from luxury hotels, restaurants on big streets. That’s the second Saigon we would like to show you.

You will be stop by some best street food stalls to sample the best local street foods. The guide will tell you the stories and history of the dishes and the right way to eat them. You will learn more about authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

At around 11:00 am, the tour guide drive you back the hotel, tour ends with a lots of smile.

With food tour in Ho Chi Minh city, you have chance to try sample menu: Fried Quail, Steamed Sticky Rice, Fresh Spring Roll, Soft Tofu Pudding, Ocean Crab Soup Cake, Sweet Soup, Banh Trang Tron (Rice Paper Mixed with Special Sauce, Sliced Herbs, Dried Shrimp & Beef and etc., Fresh Fruits, Sugar-cane juice or Coconut water, Ice tea, Beer, Mineral water.

The menu is flexible and you can discuss with the guide about the dishes to taste. All local street foods in Ho Chi Minh city are so delicious.  Don’t miss them.

Almost everything is included with Motorbike food tour in Ho Chi Minh City such as: free hotel pickup and drop off, all street foods and drinks, English speaking tour guide, 4 hours on motorbike, fuel, high quality open-faced helmet, bottle of water, rain poncho (if needed), pictures from your tour (emailed to you later).

You would like to book this food tour in Ho Chi Minh city, please click here for more information.

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