Saigon by night and explore the city from the back of a scooter

Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) is a non-sleeping city. While they may not be as bright and shiny as the city is covered by a new coat. It becomes more and more splendid and elegant with twinkle street lights and traffic lines. It’s time when night markets have their own character and street food stalls with an enormous variety of delicious dishes are popular destinations for locals and tourists. Because Saigon day is just too hot, the cooler night air offers an ideal time to drive around, meet and gather outside and share a meal or a drink under the stars. Why not see the best part of Saigon by night, eat street foods, have fun and enjoy the city like a locals? Why not experience the buzz of Saigon’s nightlife on the back of a Scooter with our Saigon Food Tour on motorbike Taste of the Night? It’s the right choice to plan your trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

pho le

Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel (or requested location). We will weave Saigon’s main roads and back alleys to experience Ho Chi Minh City when the sun is going down. You just sit on the back of the scooter to enjoy the sight, smell and sound of this stunning city. On the tour you will learn more about authentic Vietnamese cuisine as well as our rich culture. You will have a chance to listen to the vendor’s stories, food history. Let’s immerse yourself into Saigon’s life, eat and have fun like local people.

In the cool air at night, the warmth of a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup beckons. Let’s start our food tour with a warm rice noodle soup (Pho, Hue rice noodle soup, clear rice noodle). Our tour guide will teach you how to eat the dish with a spoon and chopsticks. You can do it and enjoy the dish like us.

Then we will try rice paper salad and Vietnamese pizza are two addicting snacks that win the heart of teenagers in Saigon. You can find these foods everywhere on Saigon streets at street shoulder poles, metal rolling carts, street food stalls… We will stop at a Snail stall where you can choose a kind of snail (mud creeper, sweet snail, gun snail, star fruit snail…) and cooking method (grilled with salt, grilled with chopped green onion oil, stir-fried with coconut milk, dry stir-fried with salt and chili…). What’s next? Just enjoy the Snail dish and experience “Snail Eating” – one of important parts of Saigon culture which is popular among young Saigon people.

After that, you will have chance to experience the art of “Nhau” or Beer Food in Saigon. Vietnam is one of the countries that consume the highest amount of beer in the world. It’s the way young people in Saigon relax after a hard-working day. Friends and couples gather on the pavements or at a corner of hidden alleys to drink beer. You will delve into world of “Nhau” with “1, 2, 3, dzo”, famous Saigon beer and exotic beer food.

Then we will take you some places to sample best Saigon street foods at your wish. There are various things for your choice: Vietnamese pancake, stuffed rice pancake, broken rice with grilled pork…

The great way to end this amazing food tour is sampling delicious Vietnamese sweet soup and coconut jelly… It’s time to say goodbye. Our tour guide will drive you back to the hotel (or requested location). The Saigon food tour Taste of the Night ends with lots of smiles.

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• Exotic street foods.
• Food history and culture.
• Extensive network of back alleys.
• Nice view of Saigon night on the back of the Scooter.
• Noisy and smelling city.
• Eat, live and have fun like locals.
• Amazing Saigon Food Tour

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