Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City – An awesome Ho Chi Minh food tour

Ho Chi Minh’s manic energy by day gives hints at the city’s energy levels after the sun goes down. The streets may quieten down a little but Ho Chi Minh keeps charging along till the early hours. There’s plenty to do after dinner whether you’re looking for a quiet drink in a cool space, some live music, a dance, some serious clubbing or an all night bender.

Ho Chi Minh is a non-sleeping city. While they may not be as bright and shiny as night markets have their own character and street food stalls with an enormous variety of delicious dishes are popular destinations for locals. Because the Ho Chi Minh day is just too hot, the cooler night air offers an ideal time to drive around, meet and gather outside and share a meal or a drink under the stars. One of the best things about a night out in Ho Chi Minh City is that most venues are very close by so moving between them is easy. You can try lots of places.

Ho Chi Minh even seems to have become an outpost for hipster culture. You’ll find this particular mutation of the breed at venues like Broma, The Observatory and Ho Chi Minh Outcast. They all take their music very seriously and put on some great shows as well. If you end up in the backpacker district (around Pham Ngu Lao St), where Ho Chi Minh’s all-night party establishments are located, be warned of seediness as well as the prevalence of petty crime. There have also been reports of some nasty bar fights and spiked drinks. Stay out of trouble.

Why not see the best part of Ho Chi Minh by night, eat street foods, have fun and enjoy the city like a local? Why not experience the buzz of Ho Chi Minh City’s nightlife on the back of a Motorbike with Ho Chi Minh food tour Taste of the Night? It is the right choice to plan your trip to Ho Chi Minh. With Motorbike Ho Chi Minh food tour, you have a chance to explore Ho Chi Minh night:  taste exotic street foods; listen to food history and culture. explore the extensive network of back alleys, nice view of Ho Chi Minh City night on the back of the motorbike, noisy and smelling city, eat, live and have fun like locals.

This Motorbike Ho Chi Minh food tour is available only in the evening when most of the places we will go to are open for serving. We recommend to start at 5:00 PM so that you can have a nice view of Ho Chi Minh city when the sun has not yet gone down. The tour will end at 9:00 PM. The time to start is flexible for your choice because our tour is PRIVATE so that you can choose to start earlier or later than 5:00 PM.

Our tour guide picks you up at your hotel on a Scooter. Just sit back on the Scooter, see the sights, smell exotic foods, listen to the sound as you zip through Ho Chi Minh City. Just see the whole city in bright light and in shadow. We will go through crowds, stop by each place to enjoy tastiest street foods, talk with locals, learn more about food history and culture. We also weave through the alleys of old Ho Chi Minh City to explore hard find gems that most tourists would miss. On the way well will drop by fruit stall to collect some kinds of fresh fruits and enjoy them. Back to your hotel with lots of smiles!

With this motorbike Ho Chi Minh food tour, you have a chance to try sample menu such as Grilled Girdle-cake (Vietnamese Pizza), Seafood,  Barbeque: Chevon, Quail…Ocean Crab Soup Cake, Soft Tofu Pudding, Sweet Soup, Young Coconut Jelly, Sugar-cane juice or Coconut water, Ice tea, Beer, Mineral water.
The menu is flexible and you can discuss with our guide about the dishes which one you’d love to eat and which not. If you have any requests or need more information about the menu, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Almost everything is included with Motorbike food tour in Ho Chi Minh City such as free hotel pickup and drop off, all street foods and drinks, English speaking tour guide, 4 hours on the motorbike, fuel, high-quality open-faced helmet, a bottle of water, rain poncho (if needed), pictures from your tour (emailed to you later). Would you like to book this food tour in Ho Chi Minh city?

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike

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