How to catch a taxi at Tan Son Nhat Airport?

Taxi perhaps is the first choice of many people, especially foreigners who come to Ho Chi Minh for the first time to get out of Tan Son Nhat Airport. How to catch a taxi at Tan Son Nhat Airport is one of the most popular question of the people including travelers who are planning their trips to the city. Let me tell you the way and some useful tips.

Why choosing taxi to get out of Tan Son Nhat Airport?

The advantages of taxi in Ho Chi Minh include privacy, safety, being fast, comfort, and reasonable fare. Crazy traffic, pickpocket, and snatch theft are popular in the city so that it is private and safe in a taxi. Taxi is one of the fastest means of transportation in Ho Chi Minh during non-rush hours. Sitting in an air-conditioned taxi, you can take a rest, stay away from the polluted air, noise, strong sun, or rain. The taxi fares in Ho Chi Minh are around 15,000 VND (0.5 USD), which are acceptable.

How to catch a taxi at Tan Son Nhat Airport?

Dozens of taxis are available at the airport so that you should wait in taxi lanes to catch a cab. Follow the direction signs with blue background and white texts at the airport to reach the taxi stand. There are the taxi lanes where you queues up for catching a taxi.

How to catch a taxi at Tan Son Nhat Airport

How to avoid taxi scams at Tan Son Nhat Airport?

Some popular taxi scams in Ho Chi Minh include:

  • Fake taxi.
  • Non-reliable taximeter.
  • Taking you a circuitous ride around the city in order to increase the distance driven.
  • Currency scams.

Below are some useful tips to avoid being ripped off by taxis:

  • Do not talk to or deal with any person who is in a car looking like taxis around the airport. Follow the direction boards, reach the taxi stand for original taxis.
  • Check the taximeter carefully before starting the journey, the taximeter should start at zero.
  • Prepare the destination address in your smartphone or written on a note so that you can let the driver know where to drop you off.

Use The driver may take you a circuitous ride around the city in order to increase the distance driven. Use Google Maps to search the distance between the point of departure and the destination. Then count the approximate taxi fare for the taxi ride before your trip or at the airport. You can easily access free Wifi at Tan Son Nhat. You can buy a 3G/4G at the airport or have already bought 3G/4G on your trip around Vietnam. And you can use Google Maps to check if the taxi driver takes the right route when you are on the way. It is better to tell the driver the route to take. Click here to learn more about taxi fares offered by different taxi brands in Ho Chi Minh.

Some popular Vietnamese phrases on taxis: (Xin chào (Hello), Rẽ phải (Turn right), Rẽ trái (Turn left), Đi thẳng (Go straight), Quay lại (Go back), Địa chỉ (Address), Bao nhiêu (How much), Cảm ơn (Thank you), Tạm biệt (Bye).

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Transfer

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How to be safe while taking a taxi at the airport?

Tan Son Nhat is always crowded, snatch theft and pickpocket are popular. Take care of your belongings. Keep your phone, wallet in your hand. Bags with lock are better. Make sure that you are safe when you catch a taxi at Tan Son Nhat airport.

What to do if you forget your belongings on the taxi?

It has been said that some of the taxi drivers in Vietnam do not want to give back the belongings. Take care of your bag, wallet, phone, camera in the cabs. So that it is better to write or take a photo of the taxi brand name and taxi identification number or the full name of the taxi driver after you enter the cab. Then have your hotel receptionist, local friend, or local guide help you to find the contact of the taxi brand and call the customer service for the help.

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