In cake – a specialty of Soc Trang

The diversified cuisine of Soc Trang is a mix of the rich Khmer, Chinese and Kinh cuisines. Soc Trang is famous for many delicious cake recipes including Pia cake, Cong cake, Shrimp crackers and In cake. In cake is white and round, it is not only a favorite cake of many Soc Trang and Vietnamese people on normal days. Soc Trang people also offer it to God, the Moon and ancestors on 15th Autumn in the lunar calendar, at Ok Om Bok festival to show their thanks and respects them for their support in.

Main ingredients for In cake are glutinous rice, sugar, coconut cream. All of the glutinous rice seeds must be white to make sure the cake is entirely white. Certainly, the sugar must be white. Firstly, glutinous rice is dried under the sun, then roasted over medium heat. The cook must be experienced, he/she should know when to stop roasting. Roasting is a very important step. If the rice is roasted for too long the cake will have a smell of burning rice. Otherwise, the cake is not well-done and smelling. After roasting, glutinous rice is mixed with sugar, coconut cream into a mixture which is pressed into round molds.

Besides plain In cake, they also make In cake filled with mung bean. They cook mung bean until well-done, kneaded, cook with sugar to receive a sticky sweet mixture. The cook press a layer of the glutinous rice, coconut cream, sugar mixture at the bottom of the mold, then a layer of mung bean, sugar mixture. Another layer of glutinous rice, coconut cream, sugar mixture is put on the filling. Mung bean filling is yellow, sticky and smelling. They can use pandan leaf juice to make the filling green, and enhance the flavor and smell of the cake.

The cake is a perfect blend of simple ingredients, it is sweet, tender, greasy and very smelling. One of the highlights of In cake is that it melts right away in your mouth. There is no better than sipping some tea while eating a little bit In cake and talking to your family and friends. If you have a chance to travel to Soc Trang province, do not miss trying In cake – a specialty of Soc Trang. It is a great gift to bring home for lightweight, low price and good taste.

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