Soc Trang goi da noodle soup

A Vietnam folk song says:

“My Xuyen has Goi da noodle soup.

Let’s eat and feel the taste of the hometown.”

Made from rice noodles, pork, shrimp, veggies, Goi da noodle soup (or Bún Gỏi Dà) is a specialty of Soc Trang province. Literally, “bun” means rice noodle soup, “goi” means spring roll, “da” means eating in Vietnamese. Bun goi da is firstly attracted by its strange name. It has been said that Soc Trang Bun goi da noodle soup recipe comes from spring roll recipe which ingredients are also rice noodles, pork, shrimp, veggies. From the same ingredients, local people have changed the spring roll recipe, cooked the broth to eat the dish as a noodle soup. The sour, clear, sweet and rich broth is the highlight of the dish. The cook cooks a distinctive broth from simple ingredients such as pork bone, Fermented soybeans, and tamarind. Similar to the spring roll, this dish is served with a dipping sauce from Fermented soybean.

To serve this dish, they put white rice noodles with tender, slippery and slightly chewy texture into a soup bowl. Then top the noodles with various delicious foods including boiled peeled shrimp, boiled pork ribs, boiled pork belly slices, poached bean sprouts, herbs before pouring the broth into the bowl. The broth should cover the others. The dish is eaten with various aromatic and fresh veggies and herbs. It is dipped in a very tasty sauce made from ground Fermented soybeans, crushed peanuts, chili pepper (optional). Lime wedges and chili pepper slices are available on the table for dinners who would like to add sourness and hotness to the dish.

As mentioned above, cooking and serving Bun goi da is an art. The dish is not only nice-looking but good tasting. A portion of this dish is really colorful with green veggies, white rice noodles, pink-orange shrimp, brown Fermented soybeans, red chili pepper, nice pink pork meat and bright white fat. Eating the dish is also an art because dinner should use chopsticks and spoon skilfully to eat the comfortable, rich, sweet-tasty broth, the long, thin, tender and slightly chewy noodles.

Ingredients of Soc Trang goi da noodle soup

Soc Trang goi da noodle soup

A bowl of Soc Trang goi da noodle soup

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