Quang noodle soup with duck

Quang noodle soup (Mì Quảng, Mi Quang) is known as a specialty food of Quang Nam province. This noodle soup can be distinguished from other kinds of Vietnamese noodle soups by the yellow flat chewy noodles and the broth which does not cover the noodles and toppings. The soup has many versions, it can be cook from pork, frog, chicken, meat. In the coastal Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province), among various dishes from seawater fishes and seafood, Quang noodle soup with duck (Mì Quảng vịt, Mi Quang vit) is an impressive recipe which attracts lots of locals and visitors. Although the dish is called Quang noodle soup, it has many different features from the original Quang noodle soup in Quang Nam. Phan Thiet people have changed the original Quang noodle soup and created a version of Quang noodle soup which meets local taste and reflects the culture of the city.

Quang noodle soup with duck consists of the broth, toppings (duck, herbs, peanuts, chili pepper), Quang noodles. The broth is cooked from pork bones and pork legs. The broth tastes sweet, salty, greasy, and hot. Annatto oil is added to the broth to make it more attractive. Duck (leg, breast, wing, etc.) are marinated, stewed with coconut water until tender. While the Quang noodle for Mi quang in Nha Trang and Quang Nam are flat and wide, the Quang noodle for Mi quang vit is thin and round.

To serve, the seller poaches Quang noodles in boiling water, put into a bowl, top with duck leg and/or duck breast, duck wing at customer’s wish, toasted peanuts (whole), and chili sauce (optional). The bowl of Quang noodle soup with duck is served with assorted vegetables and herbs.

It is a perfect blend of tender, a little chewy Quang noodles, the rich broth, aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, crunchy peanuts and especially tender, sweet-tasty duck meat. Coming to Phan Thiet, do not miss this amazing food. Its taste is unique and remarkable.

A portion of Quang noodle soup with duck looks mouth-watering with whole duck leg, attractive broth and thin noodles

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