Kim Son Sedge Village in Ninh Binh, North Vietnam

Kim Son Sedge Village (Kim Son District, Ninh Binh Province) is a famous trade village of growing sedge and producing sedge products. About 200 years ago, Kim Son area was a wasteland region where there were so many sedges. People coming here to make a fresh start thought of mat weaving job. Since then, Kim Son Sedge Village has taken form and developed now.

The south of Kim Son District adjoins the sea, and the mudflat has gradually been encroaching on the sea, which is an advantage to sedges developing. A long time ago, the sedges grew naturally. Afterward, they have been planted by the villagers. The sedges have growing cycle the same rice. Chim sedge is harvested in May, Mua sedge in October (the lunar calendar). When mangrove flowers bloom with white on the mudflat beside the sea, the farmers begin to cut the sedges in the field and bring back home. The sedge flowers are brown and simple, spreading soothing perfume all over the sedge region. The sedge is the symbol of people encroaching on the sea. It always stands firmly from big challenges of salt water and wind wave. After harvesting, the fresh sedges are split into small threads. Then they are dyed, woven and printed making into flower mats and other products.

The particularity of Kim Son Sedge Village is rather high expert. The village 5 and village 6 specialize in weaving hand-baskets and small patterns to export. Village 7A weaves mainly mats. Besides, the products such as palanquin model, one pillar pagoda model, shoe and sandal produced by Kim Trung are the most beautiful. The sedge products of Kim Son District, Ninh Binh Province are famous everywhere and loved by consumers.

Traveling to Kim Son sedge Village, you will have a chance to see extensive sedge fields, the villagers working hard and cleverly and colorful and multiform sedge products. Besides, you can also take part in some stages producing a product. By the way, you can visit Phat Diem Stone Cathedral in Kim Son region, one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in Vietnam.

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