Lantern Street before Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Lantern Street is the calling name of the area of Luong Nhu Ngoc-Tran Hung Dao streets in Ho Chi Minh City on Mid-Autumn festival days. Every year from 1th to 14th of August of the lunar calendar, here happens the bustling lanterns trading sight. Tonight, the night of August 13th, we walk around this street to enjoy the special atmosphere here on near Mid-Autumn day.

We come here at about 8 PM. Lantern Street area at this time becomes extremely crowded. People of all ages, even foreigners, take park in the joyful event. They have to walk step by step in order not to be fallen. some people stopped by the stalls to choose, buy the lanterns that they like. On the stalls, there are all kinds of lanterns: star, carp, butterfly, pig, rabbit, dragon, ship, garlic, round balloon, especially revolving lantern. The lanterns have all colors: blue, red, yellow, pink, white… They are made of materials like bamboo, paper, silk… Besides the lantern, there are lots of electronic toys, toy lion heads. Some youths stop by stalls or in the street to take photos. Some parents take photos of their lovely children. Some youth stop by an entertainment stall on a corner of streets to attend the games having prizes; the voice of MC is very exciting. Some stop by the snack stalls to enjoy the foods that are still hot. Children songs of Mid-Autumn festival transmitted throughout the streets.

Every year, Lantern Street before Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City occurs the joyful and bustling lanterns trading sight, which is the great beauty of Ho Chi Minh City. Living in Ho Chi Minh City, but not walking around Lantern Street on near Mix-Autumn days, people feel lost something.

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