Loi choi in Tra Vinh

Vietnamese people love to eat worms. Dishes from worms are not only delicious but also healthy. Although these dishes look scared, their taste and smell are amazing. Coming to Vietnam, travelers should not miss famous Vietnamese dishes such as Banh mi, Banh xeo, Pho beef noodle soup, Hue noodle soup, etc. In addition, this is a big chance to taste strange and unique dishes from worms. Ben Tre province is well-known for coconut worms, Ca Mau province is famous for date palm worms, and Tra Vinh province has a specialty food from Loi choi worms.

Loi choi in Tra Vinh

Loi choi worm is a specialty of Tra Vinh province in Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Loi choi is a worm which is white, plumpy and about 20-40 cm long. Most of the Loi choi worms are smaller than a little finger. It usually lives in sandbanks or muddy banks. There are many methods of cooking Loi choi worm. The most famous Loi choi worm recipe is Stir-fried Loi choi with lemongrass and chili pepper. Wash to remove dirt from Loi choi, marinate the worms with salt, dry them under the sun or grill on the fire, fry Loi choi over high heat with minced lemongrass and chili pepper. Cooked over high heat, the Loi choi worms covered with its fat look mouth-watering. The dish is served with steamed rice and veggies. Lemongrass and chili pepper go well with the greasy, milky, tender, a little chewy Loi choi. When dinner bites a worm, the feeling is outstanding. The dish pairs well with rice wine and beer.

On your trip to Tra Vinh province, travelers will have a chance to visit unique pagodas of Khmer people and enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes including Loi choi worm at local restaurants or local houses.

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