Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish

Rice noodle soup with fish (Bun ca) is one of the most popular rice noodle soups in Mekong Delta because there is a large number of fishes in this region thanks to the big system of rivers and channels. It has been said that Bun ca originate from Cambodia. For many years, people in Vietnam has created many versions of the dish to meet local tastes. Some of famous Bun ca versions are Kien Giang rice noodle soup with fish, Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish, Chau Doc rice noodle soup with fish, etc. The special taste of  Long Xuyen rice noodle soup in An Giang has attracted many locals as well as visitors.

Ingredients for this Bun ca are snakehead, rice noodles, vegetables, and herbs. The most important ingredient of Long Xuyen rice noodle soup is wild snakehead which has firm, sweet-tasty, a little chewy, tender flesh, and good smell. The fish should be prepared carefully to make sure the fishy odor and mucus are removed. Then the fish is put into the boiling broth which is cooked from pork bone for few hours. Add lemongrass which enhances the broth’s flavor, turmeric which makes the broth yellow to the broth. When the snakehead is well-done, get it out, remove bones, stir-fry the flesh with turmeric.

To serve, put some white, tender, a little chewy, slippery rice noodles into a bowl, then the yellow flesh. Pour the boiling broth into the bowl so that the broth covers the noodles and flesh. They usually eat Bun ca Long Xuyen with morning glory, bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, long yard bean. A portion of Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish looks very nice, tastes amazing and smell perfectly with bright yellow fish flesh, clear and yellow broth, white juicy bean sprouts, green morning glory, aromatic herb.

Coming to An Giang, do not fill your empty stomach with a hot bowl of Long Xuyen rice noodle soup. It will be an interesting experience and a beautiful memory in your life.

Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish

Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish

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