Love Waterfall in Sapa

Sapa Town is a tourist hotspot for the whole of Lao Cai Province and the Northwestern region. This place brings together a lot of attractive tourist spots. In addition to visiting the top of Fansipan, Stone Church, Cat Cat Village, Ham Rong Mountain, visitors can visit the Love Waterfall. To make it easy and efficient for you to visit this place, we have the following guiding article. Love Waterfall is a beautiful and romantic tourist destination.

How to reach Love Waterfall?

To get to Love Waterfall, first of all, tourists have to find their way to Sapa. There are many means for tourists to choose to go to Sapa such as car, train, bus or motorbike. Tourists in the South such as Saigon, other provinces, and international tourists can fly to Noi Bai airport – Hanoi, then continues to choose the means to Sapa.

Travel coach: is the vehicle chosen by many people to come to Sapa. Traveling by coach is both convenient and economical. Passengers can comfortably recline at any time. Some coach companies can choose from such as Ha Son, Mai Linh, Hoang Long, Tan Dat, Hung Thanh, Vietbus.

Coach to travel to Sa Pa

Coach to travel to Sa Pa.

Traveling train: for travelers with car sickness or with children, traveling by train is much more comfortable than going by car. The train has many different compartments for visitors to choose from such as hard seats, soft chairs, and beds with air conditioning or non-air conditioning.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs and “pocket” of each tourist that has different choices. Usually, train tickets from Hanoi to Sapa are almost always available, but the opposite tickets are often “sold out”, so visitors need to book in advance to avoid running out of tickets.

Traveling by motorbike:

There are many directions to Sapa by motorbike. We will introduce the shortest way to travel with a total of about 360km for your reference. From Hanoi, you move towards Vinh Phuc Province. Then go to Viet Tri city, go straight to Doan Hung – Phu Tho. From here, you move in the direction of Highway 70 to reach Lao Cai Province. At this point, visitors ask for the way to Highway 4D, follow this road to Sapa Town.

Going to Sapa by motorbike

Going to Sapa by motorbike.

Guide to Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall is located in San Sa Ho Commune, 14km southwest of Sapa Town center. To reach Love Waterfall, you have to walk deep into the forest, through the green bamboo forests.

On March 3, the path leading to the falls becomes more beautiful thanks to the bright red azaleas. Perhaps that is why Travel’s 3-day Sapa tour is often registered by many tourists in March.

The green of the forest trees combined with the bright red of azaleas creates a very charming natural picture. Travel about 20 minutes through bamboo forest and along the red dirt road, you will encounter Golden Stream.

Path to waterfall

Path to waterfall.

Visitors can admire the beauty of Love waterfall. Although the road to the waterfall is difficult and tiring, in return visitors can see firsthand a wild and beautiful waterfall in the Northwest.

Legend of Love Waterfall in Sapa

Love Waterfall is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Sapa. The waterfall is 100m high, flowing day and night. From a distance, the waterfall appears like a soft silk strip, winding by the green vegetation all year round. In addition to its natural beauty, the waterfall is also known for its extremely interesting legend.

Love Falls is the meeting place of a heavenly fairy and a woodcutter named O Quy Ho. According to legend, heavenly fairies often here to take a bath. Every afternoon, the fairies are fascinated and enjoy the beautiful scenery and space here, so they often stay for a long time.

Love Waterfall

From a distance, Love waterfall appears like white silk, surrounded by rock covered with green moss.

One day, the seventh fairy discovered a woodcutter by the stream sitting by the fire cooking rice. While cooking, he played the flute very well. The flute at times high and low made her fall in love, forgetting about the time to go to heaven. When the sisters went back to heaven, she was alone in the wild mountains and forests.

Night came, cold weather, she came to him to ask for warmth. The lady did not hesitate to help the fairy. Day by day, the two fell in love. One day heaven discovered and did not allow her to follow the other fairies down the waterfall anymore.

She was extremely sad, every day standing in front of the gate, waiting for her lover. Finally, because she missed her lover, she turned into a yellow feathered bird flying around the top of the mountain, calling 3 sounds: “O Quy Ho” for a long time.

Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall associated with a romantic love story.

Exploring Love Waterfall

Not as majestic and magnificent as Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall has a gentle and romantic beauty. The waterfall flows from a height of 100m, day and night white columns of water down the Golden Stream. Falling down forms a cool, clear blue lake. Around the waterfall, the scenery is charming, the trees are green, the forest flowers bloom. Occasionally, you will hear the wild birds chirping.

Coming to Love Waterfall, visitors can freely admire the waterfall, bathe and take pictures by the waterfall. On weekends, you can invite more relatives and friends to go on a picnic in the waterfall. It is great to enjoy a simple lunch when using rocks as a table, using plants and flowers as a place to shade the sun. This is also an interesting experience when coming to Love Waterfall.

Tourists at the foot of the waterfall

Tourists at the foot of the waterfall.

In addition to Love Waterfall, visitors can visit nearby tourist destinations in Sapa. The first place that must be mentioned is Enjoying Scenery Floor (Vietnamese: Lầu Vọng Cảnh), which is a floor to enjoy the scenery. The floor is built of very tall and solid stone. Standing on the floor, tourists can see the beauty of O Quy Ho pass, Silver waterfall, Hoang Lien Son peak …

Passing Enjoying Scenery Floor a few minutes, you will meet Gold Stream. The stream is about 1,600m long. The reason is called the Golden Stream because the water here has a very beautiful yellow-amber color. The yellow color of the stream mixed with the green of the trees creates a poetic and romantic scene.

Golden Stream in Sa Pa

Golden Stream is located near Love Waterfall Sapa.

Things to know before traveling to Love Waterfall

Going to Love waterfall or any waterfall, you should note the followings:

– Do not go to the waterfall in the evening, because at this time it is difficult to move into the forest. Visitors should go when the weather clears, both convenient and comfortable to move around to experience the interesting things here.

– Avoid wearing skirts, high heels when visiting the falls. Visitors should wear 1 bata shoe and 1 pair of low-heeled sandals to change while swimming past streams.

– You bring a hat, jacket, mineral water, and a few snacks to eat when coming to the waterfall.

Tourists take pictures at Love waterfall Sapa

Tourists take pictures at Love waterfall Sapa.

Hopefully, the above article is essential luggage when visiting Love Waterfall. Have a happy and helpful trip.

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