Conquering Mount Fansipan

Fansipan is not only the tallest mountain in Vietnam but in all 3 Indochina countries. The feeling of standing on top of the roof of Indochina is a wonderful experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. Today we will guide you on how to conquer Fansipan!

Đỉnh Fansipan

Đỉnh Fansipan.

1. Introduction of Fansipan

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, also the highest among the three Indochinese countries, so it is called the “roof of Indochina” (3,143 m). It belongs to Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 9 km southwest of Sapa town, adjacent to the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, in the Northwest of Vietnam. In the local language, the name of the mountain is “Hua Xi Pan” and means giant precarious rock.

2. Guide to Fansipan

Cable car to Fansipan

Cable car to Fansipan.

Fansipan cable car station is located in Fansipan Legend Tourist Area, about 3km from Sapa Stone Church – Sapa town center. You can take a taxi or walk to the cable car station.

The price for a taxi is about 50,000 – 100,000 VND, it takes about 10 minutes. If walking takes about 30 minutes, you go from Stone Church along Thac Bac Street. At Thac Bac intersection, turn left on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, go straight to Fansipan Legend Tourist Area (about 1.7 km). There are signs indicating the way in so it is quite easy to get to the station without asking for directions.

The train line connects Sapa town with Fansipan cable car station
Starting from MGallery hotel in Sapa town and ending at Fansipan cable car station area, the train goes through 2 tunnels and 4 viaducts with a maximum speed of 10 m / s, a capacity of 2,000 passengers / hour. Ticket price for a Muong Hoa 2-way train is 50,000 VND / adult.

This is a very popular place for young people because the scenery is like in the west.

The cable car ticket price to the top of Fansipan is 700,000 VND / adult and 500,000 VND / child (from 1.1m – 1.3m). For children under 1m, the resort offers free cable car tickets. This is the ticket price for 2 turns, so visitors should keep the ticket carefully to use it for both turns.

Departuring at Muong Hoa valley, arriving at the top of Fansipan, each cable car cabin can accommodate from 30 – 35 people, travel within 15 minutes.

During the time traveling in the cable car, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the picturesque mountains and forests of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, of the beautiful Muong Hoa valley. In particular, the closer you get to the top of Fansipan, you will feel like you are floating on the clouds. After going through the cable car, visitors will take about 30 minutes to climb 600 steps to the top of Fansipan, touch the landmark, and admire the majestic beauty of Hoang Lien Son range.

Some notes before getting on the cable car:

Bring snacks, drinks or some favorite foods because the food and services in the mountains are quite expensive. Do not bring so many belongings as the management will not allow you to enter the cable car cabin. The clothes are neat, warm enough for climbing, and can be easily removed if it feels hot. Whether going in the morning or afternoon, remember to wear gloves, towels, warm hats because the temperature is only about 8 degrees Celsius at the top of the mountain.

Climbing to the top of Fansipan

This is an activity only for those who are in good health and have high climbing skills. Although this activity has reduced with the cable car, the adventurous people never reduce the heat.
When conquering Fansipan peak, you need to equip the necessary skills to protect yourself

The Fansipan climbing journey can last from 2 to 7 days depending on the condition of each person. From the beginning to the depth of the forest at an altitude of 2,000m, the road is not too difficult, you just need to pay attention to a few steep and slightly slippery sections. It will start to be difficult when it reaches a height of 3,000m, the road is steep and extremely dangerous.

Some note when climbing:

On the way to climb the mountain, remember to both go and rest, not too strenuous because the distance between the steps is quite high and steep. The air is nearly 300 meters high, so it is quite thin, you have to go slowly otherwise you will have a drop in blood pressure, difficulty breathing.

When climbing, absolutely do not smoke because it is very easy to cause forest fires.

Do not litter indiscriminately on the way because you will affect the landscape of the surrounding environment.

Super beautiful sights at Fansipan

Sapa Heaven Gate

When standing at the Sapa Sky Gate, you can feel the majesty in the sky of Fansipan peak. Below are the abysses, with primeval forests containing many unexplored mysteries. You can see a panoramic view of the vast valley below with green upland fields, the car road up and down Phong Tho (Lai Chau) – Sapa (Lao Cai). In the distance is Silver Waterfall – one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Lao Cai, always looked for by young people.


The City on the Cloud (Fansipan Legend)

Fansipan Legend is a new destination, with majestic views of the Northwest mountains and owns many beautiful architectures combined with a cable car system with departure station (Sapa Station) and arrival station (Fansipan Station). Coming here, you will discover Bamboo Garden, Bao An Pagoda, Bich Van Pagoda, restaurants, hotels, shopping areas … appearing on the clouds. You rent ethnic costumes to have Sapa-style photos.

Fansipan peak

The peak is marked with a sharp tower marked a height of 3,143m. Anyone coming here should check in to prove they have touched the highest place in Indochina.

Tượng phật trên Fansipan.

Buddha Statue, pagoda complex atop Fansipan peak.

Stepping out of Fansipan Station, you will immediately come to Ha Pagoda (Thanh Phong Pagoda). Here, you can pray for yourself and your family. During the 600 steps to the top of Fansipan, from Lower Temple to Upper Temple, everywhere you can hear very pleasant meditation music, feeling like entering the Buddha realm.

Ha Pagoda at the peak of Fansipan 1

Ha Pagoda at the peak of Fansipan.

Do not miss seeing the tallest bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha in Vietnam (21.5 m), considered a symbol of Fansipan spiritual culture. There is also Kim Son Pagoda, Dai Hung Temple with many meticulously crafted Buddha statues, 11-storey monolithic tower, Arhat street with 18 bronze statues of Arhat, the two sides are azaleas brilliantly blooming. In addition, there are typical Buddhist works such as Bich Van Pagoda, the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara statue, bell tower, the mountain god temple.

Van Son Tea Shop

On the 600-step road to the top of Fansipan, near lower Pagoda, you will pass Van Son Tra Quan with Zen Tea style, sitting cross-legged, low table. In the midst of the surrounding clouds, you can enjoy a hot cup of tea, watching the azaleas blooming and feeling peaceful.

Van Son Tea Shop on the top of Fansipan

Van Son Tea Shop on the top of Fansipan.

Enjoying tea at Van Son Tea Shop

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