10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Sa Pa is a highland town in Sa Pa District, Lào Cai Province, Vietnam. This area is known to have beautiful landscapes attracting tourists. In order not to miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful mountainous town, we help you to list the most attractive destinations of Sapa. Please check out 10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa!

1. The top of Fansipan:

Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143m). Located in the heart of Hoàng Liên Sơn Range. Although only 9 km from Sa Pa Town center, If you walk, it takes 6 to 7 day to conquer the mountain. Currently, many climbers both profession and amateur seek the ways to conquer the Fansipan peak. They can follow the tour of travel companies organize themselves with the guidance of local people of Mông and Dao ethnic minorities.

On the way to the top of the mountain, visitors will discover the flora and fauna of Hoàng Liên Mountains. There are many Hoàng Liên trees – a kind of precious medicine, precious wood, animals such as chickens, bears, monkeys, chamois, birds…

You can choose cable car. Fansipan cable car going into operation in early 2016 has helped tens of thousands of visitors setting foot to Fansipan peak to admire, discover, conquer the highest roof of Indochina. The time to admire Fansipan peak is now shortened only 15 minutes.

2. Hàm Rồng Moutain:

Ham Rong Mountain - 10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa

Ham Rong Mountain – 10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa

Hàm Rồng Mountain is right next to Sa Pa Town center, 3 km way, visitors can walk there. Standing on the top of Hàm Rồng Mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Sa Pa, the valleys of Mường Hoa, Sa Pả, Tả Phìn hiding, showing in dew smoke. At present, with human embellishment handful, Hàm Rồng is a beautiful landscape fulling of the fruit of Sa Pa. Going into Hàm Rồng, visitors are like to go into the fairy garden – clouds cloud human body, brilliant flowers on the ground.

3. Sapa Ancient Church:

Sa Pa Stone Church is situated in the heart of Sa Pa Town. The church was built in 1895.  It is considered to be one of the oldest surviving French architectural landmarks. The church has been embellished and preserved, becoming a dispensable image when mentioning fogging Sa Pa Town.

4. Cát Cát Village:

Cat Cat Village - 10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa

Cat Cat Village – 10 tourist attractions in Sa Pa

This is a long village of the Mông, 2 km from Sa Pa Town center. This place also preserves many traditional handicrafts such as growing cotton, weaving. Cát Cát Village is near Sa Pa Town, so attract a lot of visitors. The site has now been built into a Cát Cát traveling site.

5. Tả Phìn Village:

Tả Phìn Village is in Sa Pa District, about 17km from Sa Pa Town center. This place beautiful natural scenery, cultural features of the national identity of the Dao Đỏ with the famous brocade. Coming to Tả Phìn, you can visit Tả Phìn Cave. In the cave thể are many stalactites forming interesting shapes such as dancing fairies, sitting fairies, far field.

In addition, there are many villages of ethnic groups to visit when traveling to Sa Pa such as the Tả vang village of Giáy, Tày, Red Dao people, the Ý Linh Hồ Village, Lao Chải Village of Black Dao (7km from Sa Pa Town, on the west bank of the of Mường Hoa River), Hồ Village of the Xá Phó.

6. Mường Hoa Valley – Sa pa Ancient Rocks:

Mường Hoa Valley is located in Hầu Thào, about 8km south-east of Sa Pa Town center. From Sa Pa Town, passing a mountain pass, you will come to Mường Hoa Valley. What is special in this valley is the ancient rock with various carvings among the grasses and terraced fields of the ethnic minority. Hundreds of sandstone carved strange figures, words so far people have not identified the source and meaning.

Today, the ancient carvings were ranked a national unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. In Mường Hoa valley, there is a beautiful small stream stretching for about 15 km, through Lao Chải, Tả Van, Hầu Thảo and ending in Bản Hồ.

7. Silver Falls – Mountain Pass Peak:

From Sa Pa Town center going about 12km west on the way to Lai Châu, you will meet the Silver Falls flowing from the height of over 200m into the stream into the Ô Quy Hồ, creating the sound of mountains and forests full of the impression. However, in the spring, Visitors should consider before visiting Silver Falls because there is very little water. Going further 3km from Silver Falls, Visitors will see the site of Mountain Pass Peak. This place has a beautiful view toward Fansipan, deep is the way to Bình Lư.

8. Sky Gate:

Out of Sa Pa Town, going north about 18km, we will arrive at Sky Gate. the mountain pass road leading to Sky Gate is winding in the middle of mountains and forests. Standing at the gate, you can see generally valley below with the green field, car road. Also at this Sky Gate you can feel the imposingness of the Fansipan.

9. Fairy Cave:

Reverse Chảy River line about 6km, from the center of Bảo Nhai Commune (Bắc Hà District), the boat will take you through Trung Đô Ancient Citadel with many myths. The river flowing here creates a small, deep, gentle stream flowing between 2 erecting walls. Fairy Cave is a miniature Hạ Long, associated with the story of Ba Cô Shrine. Many visitors come here, bathing Fairy Stream to wish to have beauty.

10. Cốc San:

Cốc San is located in Cốc San Commune, Bát Xát District, 7km from Lào Cai City. Cốc San is a waterfall system and caves. From 4D National Highway, there is a path with the length of over 1km leading to Côc San. The path leading to Cốc San is very winding, dark and covered with rocks. the beauty of Coc San is completely natural, wild. There is a very special thing that Almost every waterfall, behind the falling stream, has a cave. This creates the mystery for the scenery.

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