Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

One of the names in Sapa that attracts the most tourists is Muong Hoa Valley. This is like a green gem lying between the mountain and the forest. If you have a chance to go to Sapa, it is impossible not to visit Muong Hoa. This article helps you to explore this place easily.

How to reach Muong Hoa Valley?

Muong Hoa Valley is located about 8km from Sapa town and in the southeast, belongs to Hau Thao commune. Muong Hoa attracts many tourists because of its charming natural beauty. To reach this valley, visitors need to pass a pass along a fairly high mountain range and many steep roads.

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley is a famous Sapa scenic spot.

First, visitors go from the center of Sapa town along 4D Highway. Next, visitors go about 8km to Muong Hoa Valley. Visitors can rent a motorbike taxi or rent a motorbike and drive by themselves. However, you should only go by yourself when you have a lot of experience handling the car up the pass.

What is there beautiful in Muong Hoa Valley?

mentioning Muong Hoa Valley, people often think of two typical and outstanding beauties which are the terraced fields, gracefully winding like silk, and mysterious ancient stone fields. Once you admire the terraced fields here, you can understand why people voted Sapa’s terraced fields as one of the most beautiful in the world. Terraced fields in Muong Hoa Valley lie curving along the hillsides to form a beautiful tilted. In the growing rice season, the field is like green silk waving in the middle of nature. When the rice is ripe, the field is sparkling as if it were inlaid with gold. This is a scene not everywhere can be seen.

Terraced fields in Muong Hoa Valley

The beautiful terraced fields in Muong Hoa.

In winter, the field is covered with white mist, creating a scene that is both mysterious and romantic. In general, all four seasons of terraced fields in Muong Hoa Valley have their own beauty, helping Muong Hoa become one of the famous tourist destinations in Sapa, tourists from near and far. Not only that, but Muong Hoa is also blessed with Suoi Hoa by nature. The stream is 15km long, smooth, flowing through the terraced fields like a silver silk strip. In the spring, boys and girls in the village gather in Suoi Hoa stream to catch fish, laughter echoes throughout the valley.

With 22 small streams pouring in, all year round, Suoi Hoa is always full of water, watering the upland fields for villagers. In order to be able to cross the Stream Hoa easily, people also make rattan bridges across the stream. Going to the rattan bridge over Suoi Hoa is also an interesting experience for tourists.

The second feature in Muong Hoa is that the ancient stone field is located between terraced fields. The stone field is hundreds of years old. On this sandstone are strange drawings and characters that neither locals nor scientists have found the origin or meaning of.

Rock with a strange character in Muong Hoa Valley

A rock with a strange character in an ancient stone field in Muong Hoa.

Each rock has a different shape. Some of them are like people with arms outstretched, some are like a couple and some other strange shapes. Since its discovery up to now, the ancient stone field in Muong Hoa Valley has attracted many visitors to visit as well as domestic and foreign researchers to do research.

When should you go to see Muong Hoa?

All four seasons are beautiful, each season has a different characteristic:

– March to May: Weather in Sapa is stable, very convenient for visitors to explore the valley. This was also the time when the people here planted rice. The terraces in the valley this time were covered with a cool green color.

Explore Muong Hoa Valley on the occasion of March-May

– September to November: It is a time loved by many tourists because this is the time when the rice fields here are ripe yellow.

Explore Muong Hoa Valley during September – November

– December to February: Visitors can watch the romantic snowfall in the valley and enjoy the strange cold of the Northwest highlands.

In addition, coming to Muong Hoa Valley on the occasion of the new year, visitors can participate in community fun activities of ethnic groups here. Visitors will understand more about the unique cultural features of the Red Dao, Giay, H’mong … and experience a part of the interesting life of ethnic minorities in the Northern mountainous area.

For yourself a 2-day Sapa trip, you can discover many wonderful scenes in Muong Hoa Valley. Coming to Muong Hoa, in addition to admiring the beauty that is nowhere to be found, you can also learn more about the culture and life of the people here. Besides, the valley is also very close to other tourist destinations of Sapa such as Heaven Gate, Silver Waterfall, … If you want to combine visiting these locations, it is also very convenient.

Muong Hoa Sapa is suitable as a tourist and resort place for those who want to leave the noise, hustle, and dust of the city. Come to Muong Hoa to help you relax and recharge energy to start a new journey.

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