Saigon real life at Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment buildings

Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment buildings have existed for about a half of century. Most of the people who have been living there do not want to leave their familiar living place. Some of them have been neighbors since the Vietnam War.

I came to the buildings on a rainy day. In D block, on the second floor, old and young people gather at Ms. Tot stall which serves Khot cake – a Vietnamese traditional cake. Ms. Tot told me: “I have been living here since 1969. Most of the peoples who live here know me”. Ms. Thu, who was 67 years old told me: “It is funny to watch neighbors argue and help them to make peace here”.

These days, the buildings are older and older. Rich people sell their apartments and buy new houses or apartments. Most of the remaining people are poor, they are merchants and workers. Or they can be old people who do not want to move into new houses and have new neighbors.

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Buildings 3

People dry their clothes on the balconies.

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Buildings1

A medicine store is located on the first floor, a spa is on the second floor and a small-sized pagoda on the third floor

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Buildings 5

Street between 2 buildings is only wide enough for 2 cars

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Buildings 4

Located in the middle of buildings, a space with a few green trees and some benches is a place for residents relaxing

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Buildings 2

There are many food and drink stalls serving various dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on the first floor of the buildings. Prices are cheap. Customers park their motorbikes in front of the stalls.

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