Nha Trang Stone Church

Nha Trang Stone Church, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Coming to Nha Trang, in addition to enjoying perfect beaches, tourists also have a chance to see many old architectures and learn more about the culture. Besides the famous Ponagar tower, a building work of Cham people, presenting over one thousand years ago, tourists should not miss visiting Nha Trang Stone Church, a building work built in European Gothic architecture style, existing over 90 years in elegant Nha Trang City. Today let us discover this masterpiece together!

Nha Trang Stone Church or Nha Trang Mountain Church (The official name is Christ the King Cathedral in Nha Trang) is a Catholic church. The church is located at the top of Hoang Lan Hill. It was designed by the Priest Louis Vallet in 1928. In order to create the surface of the hill with a height of 12 m, when building, people have to use about 500 tons of mines.

Nha Trang Stone Church is located at Nha Trang Intersection, the front facing Nguyen Trai Street and one side next to Thai Nguyen Street. Visitors are just allowed to go into the back gate. The back gate is on the left of the church. On the tops of 2 pillars of the gate, there are 2 Saint Statues. The road going to the front of the church is covered of stone pieces. Along the fence, there are many Saint Statues. On the right of the road is the side of the church. The side of the groundwork of the church is covered of stone pieces. On it, there are gravestones of Christians who have died. From the road, visitors can see the side of the Church. It is a large corridor row. The outside of the corridor is high large doors with the leaf shape, and above, there are windows.

In front of the church is a large yard covered of stone pieces. The front of the church is the bell tower made of stone. The upper part of the tower has a round shaped embossment with beautiful balance pattern and 4 large round clocks in 4 sides. At the top of the tower, outstandingly, there is a big cross. The tower has 2 bells made of bronze and made from the famous bell company of France – Bourdon Carillon. All doors also have leaf shapes.

Inside the church, the place for worshipers and saint palace have dome with upside down lotus petal shape. The architecture with the leaf or upside down lotus petal shape is a feature of Gothic Architecture. Gothic architecture causes people to have sensation large and high building. The windows are installed color glass that made colorful light inside the church. In Saint Palace, especially, there is the statue of Jesus Christ being on the cross with a benevolent look.

Despite being over 90 years of age, undergoing rain and sunshine, Nha Trang Stone church still retains old shape. Currently, the church is included in the list of relics and the most beautiful landscapes of Khanh Hoa province.

– Church opening time:

+ Weekdays: 5:30 – 17:00

+ Sunday: 5 am – 7:00, 11:00 – 16:30

– Church ceremony time:

+ Ordinary days: 4h45, 17h

+ Sunday: 5h, 7h, 9h30, 15h, 16h30, 18h30

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