Sa Dec clear rice noodle

Clear rice noodle is a popular food of people in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region which is considered as “the bowl of rice” of the country. There are many clear rice noodle factories in the region and lots of recipes for this noodle. However, the milky white, wide, tender and chewy enough Sa Dec clear rice noodle is the most famous. Sa Dec – the capital city of Dong Thap province has a tradition of making rice flour and rice noodles for over 100 years. Rice flour made in Sa Dec is sold in other regions of the country and exported to other countries.

 Rice paper sheets are dried under the sun before cutting into dried clear rice noodles

Dried clear rice noodles is hard, it should be poached in boiling water before eating

A portion of Sa Dec clear rice noodle soup (Hu tieu nuoc) consists of the broth, rice noodles, toppings, vegetables and herbs. The broth is cooked from pork bones, dried shrimp, dried squid. The cook should cook the broth over low heat and skim the scum off the broth frequently. To serve, the clear and rich broth is poured onto poached dried clear rice noodles, the broth should cover the noodles. The boiling broth makes the noodles tender and a little chewy. The dish is topped with lean pork, pork cake, pork heart, pork liver, pork kidney, shrimp, chopped green onion. A bowl of Sa Dec clear rice noodle is usually served with vegetables (bean sprouts, garlic chives, celery, salad), soybean sauce, pickled chili pepper. The dish can be served as a meal. It is a delicious, healthy and comfort dish. The Hu tieu nuoc is a good choice for breakfast or on cold and rainy days. It can fulfil and warm your empty stomach.

Besides Sa Dec clear rice noodle soup, Sa Dec has another delicious dish from this kind of noodles – Dry clear rice noodles (Hu tieu kho). The dish is famous for the special Sa Dec noodles and the outstandingly tasty sweet-sour sauce. To serve Hu tieu kho, top the boiled dried clear rice noodles with lean pork, pork liver, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, etc.

Sa Dec clear rice noodle

Although there are not less than ten recipes from clear rice noodle, Hu tieu nuoc and Hu tieu kho in Sa Dec has its own position in Vietnamese cuisine. Coming to Sa Dec, Dong Thap, travelers should not miss tasting some delicious dishes from clear rice noodle and buying some dried clear rice noodle to bring home.

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