4 Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

Soup cake (Banh canh) is a Vietnamese traditional rice noodle soup which has won the heart of all ages of Vietnamese people as well as foreigners. The comfort, flavorful and healthy soup cake is served hot as a meal which can fulfill your stomach. Any soup cake portion consists of rice noodles, broth, toppings (meat, seafood, chicken, duck, organs, etc.), vegetables, herbs, and dip. Rice noodles of soup cake are thicker and shorter than rice noodles of other kinds of Vietnamese rice noodle soups such as Pho, Hue Beef Noodle Soup, Clear Rice Noodle Soup, Rice Noodle Soup With Fermented Fish Paste, etc. Soup cake has not less than 10 versions which are created in different regions of the country. Banh canh with duck is a specialty food of Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province. Tay Ninh province is famous for Trang Bang Soup Cake with pork leg. In Tra Vinh province, Ben Co soup cake which is cooked from lean pork and pork organs attracts lots of customers. Cooked from shrimp, Banh canh Nam Pho in Hue is very famous. In Mekong Delta, there is a large number of freshwater fishes, they usually cook Banh canh with freshwater fishes such as snakehead. In Phu Quoc which is considered as the “Pear island” or “Kingdom of seafood” in An Giang province, they cook Soup cake with seafood including seawater fishes, ocean crab, jellyfish. Below are 4 delicious Soup cakes in Phu Quoc:

1. Soup cake with fish cake

Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

The rich broth is cooked from seawater fish bones. It is not easy to cook a smelling and sweet-tasty broth from fish. To make the fish cake, the fish flesh is ground until smooth, formed into pieces, fried until crispy outside and well-done inside. The chewy and tasty fish cake is cut into thick slices and used to top the soup cake.

2. Soup cake with ocean crab

Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

Ocean crab is very famous for its firm, tasty and smelling flesh. Topped with a whole ocean crab, a bowl of Soup cake with ocean crab in Phu Quoc looks impressive. The broth of this dish is cooked from pork bone, dried shrimp, mackerel head. Not similar to the others, the broth of Soup cake with ocean crab is not clear but a little gelatinous.

3. Soup cake with squid

Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

The delicious and clear broth is cooked from mackerel. One of the highlights of Soup cake with squid is crunchy and tender squid. Chewy mackerel cake is the second highlight of the dish.

4. Soup cake with mackerel

Soup cakes in Phu Quoc

The broth of this dish is cooked from pork and mackerel bones. It is topped with mackerel flesh and mackerel cake. The perfect mix of tender and a little chewy rice noodles, rich and clear broth, the tasty mackerel flesh and the chewy fish cake from mackerel make you fall in love with this dish at the first time.

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