Vinh Chau Clear rice noodle soup with curry

Vinh Chau is a county-level town of Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Vinh Chau is famous for Clear rice noodle soup with curry (Hu tieu ca ri) which is a very delicious and healthy food. Main ingredients for this noodle soup are: clear rice noodles, curry leaves, pork (chicken/duck), carrot, herbs, etc. Made from rice flour, clear rice noodles in Vinh Chau are white, thin, tender, a little chewy. The broth is cooked from curry leaves, pork (chicken/duck), carrot. The broth must be yellow, a little greasy, sweet-salty. It has the smell of curry leaves but the smell should not be too strong. The pork/chicken/duck and carrots are tender so that it melts in your mouth. To serve, poach dry clear rice noodles in boiling water, put the poached noodles into a bowl, top the dish with meat, carrot, thinly sliced onion, bean sprouts, herbs (culantro, basil), then pour the boiling broth into the bowl until the broth covers enough the noodles and toppings. Is it enough to make your mouth water? Not yet. They also serve this fantastic food with a mixture of lime juice and ground black pepper for dipping; lemon wedges for whom would like to add sourness to the dish; bean sprouts, coriander for whom would like to eat more.

Vinh Chau Clear rice noodle soup with curry

If you have a chance to visit Vinh Chau, Soc Trang, do not miss tasting a warm bowl of Vinh Chau Clear rice noodle soup with curry. It can fill and warm your stomach. The dish has become the pride of Vinh Chau and the entire province. In Vietnam and other countries, there are hundreds of curry recipes and there are not less than 10 clear rice noodles recipes. However, the perfect mix of clear rice noodles and the broth cooked from curry is worth a try.

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