Sa Dec grilled duck 

Dong Thap province in Mekong Delta is famous for lotus ponds and a wide range of specialty foods including Lai Vung fermented pork, Cao Lanh grilled mouse in terracotta jar, Braised fermented fish and water lily stem, etc. Sa Dec grilled duck (Vit nuong Sa Dec) is a very special dish of Dong Thap that we should not miss. Sa Dec is a provincial city of Dong Thap province. Maybe the dish is originated in Sa Dec so that they call the dish Sa Dec grilled duck.

Grilled duck is a favorite choice to eat with families and friends in Vietnam. This kind of food is popularly found at many restaurants in the country. There are various grilled duck recipes in Vietnam. In Dong Thap, each cook has its own recipe for making Vit nuong Sa Dec. However, most Vit nuong Sa Dec recipes impress diners with the greasy, tender, a little chewy duck meat, the crispy duck skin, and the typical sweet smell. The plumpy grilled duck with yellow-brown, shining skin attracts diners at the first look. One of the highlights of this dish is that there is no fat under the crispy skin. Farmed duck on rice fields in Dong Thap have firm, tender and a little chewy meat is a key to delicious Grilled duck dishes in this province.

Following is the simplest recipe which is usually called traditional Vit nuong Sa Dec. Wash duck meat with salt water, use ginger to remove the duck odor, then wash the duck meat again. Marinate the duck meat with spices for 20-30 minutes. Grill it on charcoal. Cut the duck meat into pieces, arrange them on a plate, decorate with coriander and culantra. The dish is served with assorted herbs and soybean sauce.

Besides the traditional Sa Dec grilled duck, Dong Thap also has Sa Dec Grilled duck with green pepper, Sa Dec Grilled duck with honey, Sa Dec Grilled duck with fermented tofu, Sa Dec Grilled duck in clay, Sa Dec Grilled duck with galangal, etc.

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Sa Dec grilled duck 

Sa Dec grilled duck 

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