Dong Thap – the lotus kingdom

The province of Dong Thap – the lotus kingdom is full of lotus in swamps, ponds, fields. Every year in the flooding season from July to August in the Lunar calendar, lotus flowers bloom and create a beautiful ever sight in Dong Thap. Lotus is the symbol and pride of the entire province. It is considered to be a valuable gift from Mother Nature to indigenous and kind local people. Lotus is not only beautiful but also useful. Most of the parts of lotus can be used. In recent days, Dong Thap people grow lotus to earn money. My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province is famous for immense lotus fields.

Seed, stem, young leaf and root of lotus are edible. From them, Dong Thap people have created tens of delicious specialty foods. Fresh lotus seed can be eaten raw as a snack, dried lotus seed is ingredients to cook sweet soups, sugar-preserved lotus seed – a favorite Mut for Tet festival, stewed dishes, soups. Lotus stem is the main ingredient for the famous Lotus stem salad, Stir-fried lotus stem with shrimp. Lotus root is used to cooked Soup with lotus root and pork leg. The young lotus leaf is the soul of the Grilled snakehead wrapped in young lotus leaves.

Lotus flower nectar and lotus heart are used to make great teas. Drinking tea from lotus is one of the familiar habits of local people in the morning or at night. Hong sen tuu or Pink lotus wine is a specialty of Dong Thap, it is used as medicine which helps to boost energy and beat stress. It is made from lotus seed, lotus heart, lotus root, glutinous rice and Men bot sen – a special yeast made from lotus. Hong sen tuu could not be missed at parties in Dong Thap.

If you travel to Dong Thap – the lotus kingdom, besides enjoy beautiful lotus fields, do not miss tasting delicious foods and drinks from lotus and buy some products from lotus to bring home.

Lotus seed can be eaten raw


 Mooncake with lotus seed paste

Preserved-sugar lotus seed

Pickled lotus stem

lotus stem salad is a specialty food of Dong Thap - the lotus kingdom

Lotus stem salad

Lotus wine in Dong Thap - the lotus kingdom

Lotus wine – a specialty of Dong Thap – the lotus kingdom

Lotus tea in Dong Thap - the lotus kingdom

Lotus heart tea – a specialty of Dong Thap – the lotus kingdom

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