Vietnamese Tray of Mut Tet

Vietnamese Tray of Mut Tet

Mut is one of the most favorite traditional foods at Vietnamese Tet. Each family must has some kinds of Mut to offer ancestors. Mut is considered as the soul of Tet. Most of Mut Tet is sweet and people believe that eating sweet foods will bring them luckiness, happiness and success. Vietnamese people usually serve guests who come to visit the family at Tet. Eating Mut and talking together make feeling between hosts and guests closer. One of the most beautiful moment in Vietnamese life is when they gather, eat Mut with green tea together and talk about everything around the world.

There are a wide range of Mut Tet but it could be divided into 5 groups: candied fruits (wet dried soursop, preserved tamarind with sugar, hard sugar-preserved coconut), candied vegetable (sugar-preserved ginger, sugar-preserved carrot), custard candies (custard candy with banana and ginger) and seeds (dried watermelon seed, dried pumpkin seed, candied nuts (candy with peanuts, candy with sesame). Just coming to a market in Vietnam at Tet, you will see hundreds of colorful Mut Tet for your choice.

There are very many kinds of Mut Tet, but followings are usually seen as:

– Candied Coconut Ribbons: It is a kind of Mut made from meat of mature brown coconut, sugar and food color made from vegetables. Candied Coconut Ribbon is medium-sweet, chewy and smelling. To make this food, coconut meat is sliced into thin strips. When eating people pick one by one strip, chew slowly, feel to the taste in the mouth. Candied Coconut Ribbon is chosen by many families for Tet because its great taste, easy recipe and easy to find ingredient – coconut which is grown everywhere around Vietnam, especially Mekong Delta. Coffee, pandan leave, magenta plant, amaranth, carrot… are used to make the coconut ribbon colorful.

Candied Coconut Vietnamese Mut Tet

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

– Candied Zucchini is made from zucchini meat and sugar. The zucchini meat is cut into thick piece and dried under sunlight before being preserved in syrup. The candy is soft, spongy and sweet. It can help to bit the hot during the day at Tet.

Candied Zucchini

– Candied Ginger is kind of jam made from old ginger and sugar. Like other kinds of Mut Tet, to make Candied Ginger, the cook slice peeled ginger into thin pieces and preserve it in sysup. This hot and sweet candy make body warm, exciting digestibility as well as treating stomachache. Besides, Candied Ginger has meaning for warmness and happiness.

Candied Ginger Vietnamese Mut Tet

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

– Sugar-preserved Tamarind is made from tamarind and sugar. It takes some steps to make the tamarind less sour before preserving it in syrup. Then the sugar-preserved tamarind is dried under the sun for a few days. The taste of Sugar-preserved Tamarind is sweet and sour. I am sure that anybody would love it at first bite. This food has lots of vitamin C and could reduce body heat.

Sugar-preserved tamarind

– Sugar-preserved Tomato is made from red tomato and sugar. This chewy food is sour and sweet. The food has lots of vitamin A and good for brain. Because of having red color, Sugar-preserved Tomato symbolizes for luckiness at Tet.

Sugar-preserved tomato

– Sugar-preserved Kumquat jam which is made from ripe kumquat taste sweet and sour. It has yellow color which symbolizes for richness. Sugar-preserved Kumquat has effect making body warm and improving digestibility.

Vietnamese Sugar Preserved Kumquat Or Mut Tac

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

– Candied Lotus Seed which is made from old lotus seeds and sugar is light sweet. Lotus seeds have effect treating some diseases. They have meaning of reunion in new year when all members of Vietnamese family gather.

candied lotus seed

– Custard Candy with Banana is wet, tender and very smelling. Ingredients to make this foods are bananas, coconut pulp and peanuts which are available everywhere in the countryside in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Banana Chewy Candy

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Vietnamese Mut Roi Or Sugar Preserved Banana Strips

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Besides dozens of kinds of candies, there are some kinds of seeds such as watermelon seeds, sunlight flower seeds and chestnut seeds.

Especially, watermelon seeds couldn’t be missed. The seed crust has red color – the favorite color at Tet. This food is so addictive that one can eat some handful of watermelon seeds. When eating, people must use their teeth to husk the top of the crust and make funny sound. The talking between people seem to be endless with a jar of watermelon seeds.

Dried Water Melon Seeds

Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Peanut Candy Or Keo Dau Phong In Vietnam

Peanut candy – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Vietnamese people usually arrange Mut in a dedicated tray which is displayed on family’s altar and table in living room. Colorful, smelling and delicious tray of Mut is a must at Tet festival. Watermelon seeds are usually put in the center of the tray and others are arranged around. It’s better to eat Mut with green tea so that a tea set and tray of Mut are a couple on table in living room.

Tray of Mut Tet – Photo by Scooter Saigon Tour

Being Vietnamese people or foreigners visiting Vietnam at Tet, you shouldn’t miss a big chance to enjoy delicious Mut Tet. Mut is not a food but also something special to everybody that has eaten it. Mut is Tet’s soul and Vietnamese soul!

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