U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Mekong Delta is considered as the kingdom of freshwater fishes. There are too many fishes so that local people have created many dry fish recipes. On your trip to Ca Mau province in Mekong Delta, do not miss a big chance to taste U Minh dry snakeskin gournami – one of specialty foods of the province.

Although snakeskin gournami is popular in many provinces in Mekong Delta, this kind of fish in U Minh district, Ca Mau has been said to be the most delicious. The reason may be U Minh is lower than the sea level and under cajuput forests which are a good environment for seaweed, kelps which are favorite foods of snakeskin gournami. This kind of fish usually lives in swamps, mature snakeskin gournami is about 500 grams. An interesting thing about the fish is that it is not very delicious if it is braised, fried or grilled but dried. Dry snakeskin gournami is tastier than any fish in Ca Mau.

It is not simple to make Dry snakeskin gournami. They make this food in dry season when there are many snakeskin gournamis and the sunlight is strong. The fishes must be chosen carefully, the fishes must be fresh, as big as a human hand. The fishes are prepared, soaked in salt water, soaked in cold water, then dried under the sun for about 3 days. If they are dried for too long, their fleshes will be too dry and hard. Otherwise, it will be tender and not firm, not crunchy.

The simplest way to cook Dry snakeskin gournami is grilling, then shredding and dipping in a mix of salt and chili pepper. Another way is cutting into smaller pieces, frying, dip in tamarind fish sauce dip. These two dishes are usually eaten with steamed rice and herbs, veggies.

Salad with Dry snakeskin gournami is a great dish. After grilling or frying Dry snakeskin gournami, use a knife to beat the dry fish to make its grain tender. Then shred into strips, remove bones and mix with shredded green mango or nimtree leaves. Pour sweet-sour fish sauce and top the dish with minced coriander. Now we have an amazing salad.

At this time, they make Dry snakeskin gournami from fishes caught in the wild. In Mekong Delta, they have not farmed this kind of fish yet. So that  Dry snakeskin gournami is rare. It is a valuable gift from Mother Nature. Dry snakeskin gournami has become a common food in Ca Mau for many years. It has been more and more popular in the country and the pride of Ca Mau people. This dry food represents for creativity, kindness, and diligence of people in Ca Mau – the Southernmost point of Vietnam.

U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Dried U Minh Dry snakeskin gournami

U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Grilled U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Crispy Fried U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

Salad with U Minh dry snakeskin gournami

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